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  1. I’ve looked around in the engine bay and unfortunately there is no cable installed. Does anybody have the electrical plan, where to install these wires?
  2. I activated the board computer in my Ford Fiesta MK7 (2010), but I can see a DTC because the AAT (outside temperature) sensor is missing. It would be cool to also see the outside temperature in the board computer. I checked if there is already a cable for the sensor behind the grill but unfortunately it’s not. Does someone know if the cable should be there and is just somehow hidden behind something or if there is a possibility to just install two wires?
  3. MriX

    AAT Sensor

    I have a Ford Fiesta MK7 without a BC. After enabling it via Forscan, I noticed that the AAT is missing. Behind the front bumper there is no cable for the temperature sensor. Do you know where the cable for the temperature sensor ends, so that I can install my own cable for it?