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  1. Haha, I thought the same, it is 2 years old however, but it was clearly around. Just thought I would be safer then sorry! Cheers for the app btw, 102p by me at Morrison.
  2. Btw : But, like I say, I am still new here so please excuse my ignorance.
  3. SO excuse my ignorance, I am new to the UK still haha. I have been told that if you pay at the pump it takes £99 from your card then refunds you the amount you don't use? Now, I find this hard to believe but I have always paid at the cashier. So am I correct in saying that you pay at the pump AFTER filling your car, it doesn't have to take an amount off first and then let you start pumping?
  4. What application are you guys using for petrol pricing?
  5. For MOT worries:
  6. I would think that their service department remains open if any NHS vehicles need to get sorted, perhaps give them a call and find out?
  7. Owned our 125PS Titanium for a week and the foot well cover below the storage box fell off, apparently a common problem. Thankfully took a full 4 year new car warranty.
  8. Not really fair? What happens if an essential personal is expected to get to work..
  9. Expected it really. Good decision though, I see South Africa also being locked down.
  10. Sly


    Most definately not my intention to poach, I can assure you that. Seeing as this will ruffle too many feathers, I have deleted the discord server. The admin can create one if the members wish. Apologies for offending anyone, certainly not my intention.
  11. Sly


    100%, the option is there. It is no way meant to "remove" the function of this Forum, you can't do that with a Discord server, it's just a more "chit chat" scenario. For topics such as how to etc, this will still be the place. If Steve, or the club would like it, I am happy to give them the Discord ownership of the channel. If members don't want it, so be it 🙂 Either way..
  12. Sly

    Discord There's a link to join if anyone is keen, if any of the admins/mod here join, PM me so I can assign you admin permissions. @zain611 Made one if you keen.
  13. Ya, that's what I was told when we collected ours. I ended up taking an extra year for £160 to extend the new car Ford warranty.
  14. Sly

    Picture thread

    Morning, Not sure if there is a thread already but what about a thread 😛 for posting all car related pictures? Like a interactive member galley 😄