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  1. Hello all 🙂 Very sad day but the time has come for me to sell my MK6.5 Fiesta and move onto something else...like another Fiesta 😄 Bought her in September 2019 with a partial service history and since then, I have kept every invoice for everything I have spent on her, such as: 08/19 - collection, it was serviced by the shop then. 09/19 - 2x new front tyres and wind screen wipers 03/20 - anti freeze replacement, EIS expansion tank, Dayco timing belts & water pump 09/20 - air, oil and cabin filter and new oil, NGK spark plugs and new brake fluid 10/20 - 2x brand new front shocks & coils and 2 rear tyres (not due to low tyre tread but there was a bulge in the one) 04/21 - new O2 sensor and driver side window mechanism needed replacing Millege is currently at 110303 miles, sold as is. Only current issue is the boot release mechanism partly works, you can hear it "actuate" but the boot doesn't pop & aircon doesn't work, I believe a pipe needs replacing but it never gets hot enough to replace 🙂 I would like £1200 but am open to fair negotiations. Please PM me if you are interested 🙂 Cheers
  2. Sly

    Wheel TPMS

    Wow - that is not a simple re-learn situation. Thanks bud, might be easier just to get the tyres swapped on the rims 😄
  3. Sly

    Wheel TPMS

    Thanks bud, it's a '20 plate Fiesta titanium. Any recommended ebay seller for one of these? So would I just put that onto the tires after the rotation and the TPMS would then re-learn where each tyre was? I thought about re-adjusting the tyre pressures after the swap around but then, if the front got a flat, it would show on the back of the TPMS xD
  4. Good morning, Wanting to get my tyres on my '20 Fiesta rotated but the tyre shop tells me they can't because the TPMS won't know where it's sitting on the car from factory. Is this true or does the TPMS update where the tyre is by itself?
  5. Please let me know how you come. Bought my Mk6.5 with one key, looking at selling it this year and would like to look at a second key for the next owner as a spare.
  6. You mean the mk6 and mk8 use the micro, not the mini? Or does my mk6 use mini and the mk8 use micro2? So my MK8 does after a bit of time but I want to kill the camera as soon as the ignition is turned off.
  7. So, after watching some YouTube videos, it looks absolutely "*****" too install haha, excuse the French! I just need to check with Nextbase if they must send me the micro2 fuses for my two Fiesta's or if the ones that come in their hardwire kit will work fine, anyone know perhaps?
  8. Good evening 🙂 Read a few topics but I just wanted to clarify something. My 2020 Fiesta Titanium cigarette socket appears to stay on long after the car has turned off and been locked. Recently installed a Next base 322CW dashcam and had to enable park mode to get it to use less power when parked, I belive the only way to get around this is install a fuse hardwire kit. Using the USB in the arm wrest area asks if I want to transfer files or power on so that won't work. When running the fuse kit, any suggestions for which one to get? All I need to do is fine a live fuse when ignition is on and dead when ignition is off, replace that fuse with the kit one and connect to a cigarette lighter. Or am I missing something?
  9. The Mrs 20 plate Titanium was £660 for us (personal, commute and work) and my 06 Fiesta was £500 through Hastings for their Premium package.
  10. Now that's a price I can understand. I phoned National Tyres & Autocare, their price for 2 springs and 2 shocks was £422!
  11. Not sure when the shocks were replaced so might as well whilst they in there? Don't mind paying as long as it's a fair price.
  12. Afternoon! Looking for a bit of advice please. My 06 Zetec S went in for it's 105 000mile service last week, workshop noticed the front left spring had broken. Cost to repair - £405 2x front springs 2x front shocks Labour Any idea if this is fair? Suggestions around Bridgwater to get a second opinion please?
  13. Haha, I thought the same, it is 2 years old however, but it was clearly around. Just thought I would be safer then sorry! Cheers for the app btw, 102p by me at Morrison.
  14. Btw : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/08/petrol-stations-introduce-new-99-charge-pay-pump/ But, like I say, I am still new here so please excuse my ignorance.
  15. SO excuse my ignorance, I am new to the UK still haha. I have been told that if you pay at the pump it takes £99 from your card then refunds you the amount you don't use? Now, I find this hard to believe but I have always paid at the cashier. So am I correct in saying that you pay at the pump AFTER filling your car, it doesn't have to take an amount off first and then let you start pumping?
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