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  1. thanks, i did manage to find that thread aswell, i don't think its the weather strips or window thats affecting me, it's inside the door panel itself. If i lean over and ull the door toward me it will stop the rattle until i let go again
  2. Do you know how to get the door cards off?
  3. Sorry, it's a rattle thread but i'm going mad and need to know it's not just me. Can any other MK4 owners confirm that this car is indeed built like absolute s***? I have a passenger side door rattle that drives me bonkers, tugging the door will stop the rattle for a short period. The doors cards creak loudly when pressed but the rattle itself seems to be coming from inside the door. I also have a very similar rattle from the drivers side B Pillar or possibly the drivers side rear door. Again, nothing seems to stop this rattle long-term. The chrome strips around the windows also tend to regularly slide out of place and need sliding back, not sure if this is related? Does anybody have any suggestions or fixes or at the very least can somebody let me know how to take the door card off so i can just bash it all with a hammer. My local Ford dealership has a reputation for being absolutely terrible, something i know first-hand, if i take the car in and complain of a rattle it will sit on the forecourt all day before they call and say "couldnt find anything mate". Any DIY suggestions much appreciated. I upgraded from a MK2 (facelift) last year and i've done nothing but regret it so far as the build quality and gone through the floor! I spent the first 4 months with the speedo needle stuck on 80mph before they finally managed to replace the cluster..... help