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  1. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    no guys i wont be financing the car myself, obvioulsy i will get my dad to finance the car then il pay him back accordingly :) so dont worry about that just wana get a rough idea of how much financing will be!
  2. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    how much discount will i be entitled to? and can someone tell me a finance price plan? i dont know what my dad wants to do but i dont mind financing it tbh.. i earn around £400 a month, obv i dont want to max all my £400... am also entitled to £900 student grant every 3 months aswell. my dad wants to sell his merc before he decides to get it, but i want to do it asap use my car to scrap and get some more discount this month! and also with the scrappage scheme do you need a valid license? i had mine revoked.. but i am the owner named on my MX5.. so i dont know if i need a license to get a new car or will a passport identification qualify?
  3. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    thanks alot mate ^^ and yeah trust me il be keeping the car more than 9 months as i wont even be able to drive it yet until am 21 in april 2011... my dad will be driving but it will be under my name as the scrappage scheme is my car. am a student and saving every penny really counts! so glad ive joined this forum all you guys are really helpful :)
  4. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    give me a voucher plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee :D
  5. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    wish i was entitled to this :(
  6. MK7..

    my MX5 is getting fixed next week then am of to ford! :D however i got a worrying feeling that there will be !Removed! loads of these running around by the time i can actually drive it.. when am 21.. either that or am being stupid! with worryingly high demand the fiesta is i dont want to feel like the cars no longer special with its funky styling by the time i can drive it, am i thinking too much? what are your thoughts? hope it doesnt turn into the modern age corsa! insurance group is low so no doubt there will be loads of chavtastic examples soon..
  7. MK7..

    ha bet id feel well fitted in at meets n stuff.. dont want to do another mx5 meet again god it was like going to an 'elderly generation' of enthusiasts! :P
  8. MK7..

    suppose white is rare, i dont know actually most of the ZS ive seen are white! ha only other other is that light metallic blue and one black on in huddersfield with this 17 multispoke wheels. might just get it in that minging green colour.. joke :P dont hit me.. but suppose it will be atleast 10k in a years time, no chavs can afford that hopefully!

    Noooooooooooo whys that a learner car :( love itt looks nice and bright in red!
  10. Looking to get the MK7

    hello guys am new to the forum. just trying to get some details on the car, i want the new zetec S in frostic white fo my 21st, i currently own an MK1 mazda MX5 thats going towards the scrappage scheme, i heard that paying through finance il end up paying back like £1500 extra.. just trying to see what kinda bargains you guys got with your Zetec S's been to the ford dealer but they had no zetec S on display.. he told me that the car was in a huge demand aswel <_< anyways things like what to look for and prices would be very helpful! :) the car am scrapping :( thanks
  11. Looking to get the MK7

    dont really need parking sensors on a hatch back, id love the fully uprated stereo so thats deffo on the list, heated windscreen (comes standard on ZS?) not fussed about spare wheel, saves abit of weight, mainly- white 1.6 3 doors. i just love all the gadget stuff, yeah i wouldnt mind the heating knob, just abit stiff to twist
  12. Looking to get the MK7

    i want the tit.. but i have to wait a very long time until my car is ready.. so the scrappage scheme wont be in affect :( i just want a ZS to do as much as a TIT standard, am not bothered about cruise control, just want a good spec that would keep me happy and the prices down
  13. Looking to get the MK7

    yeah ive read tons of reviews on it, looked at all the options, but i dont want to wasite money on things i dont really need but am not sure what are the essentails so far i want the tech pack and the climate control thingy, as i dont like the massive twisty knob on the control dials, prefer the buttons instead
  14. Looking to get the MK7

    right guys, seen as though i cant get my tit like i want without waiting forever, configure me the best spec/options for an ZS without listing every option lol list any major specs you CANT live without!
  15. mk7 shiny black plastics pics

    looks nice.. tbh id thought it would be mirror shiny.. looks abit hazy to me (on the rear) i guessed they just sprayed over the plastic and covered it in laquer leaving the plastic texture
  16. My Frozen White MK7 Mountune Z-S

    looking good!!
  17. Looking to get the MK7

    Well id love the USB connections and stuff, (Tech pack) i want the interior pack aswel, also the climate control because i looked at the ZS the big knob was quite stiff to turn... my dad said buttons would be so much better then when we got in the TIT it was buttons! lol i wont mind leather seats, not really bothered about cruise control as i like to have full control of the car all the time. all the auto things wipers headlights etc. folding mirros, rear speakers! am asking so much there lol
  18. Looking to get the MK7

    what dealership was this? as soon as my cars fixed am off to get it!! lol tbh id love to settle down for a zetec s in white but id love all the gimicks on an tit!!! :( cant realy complain really its my 3rd car, brand new. suppose i cant have everything i want.. that would be quite spoilt.. lol either that or am just making up excuses!
  19. Looking to get the MK7

    ah right i see, but doesnt mean longer monthly payments if you pay less though? ive been to leeds ford dealership 2day bad bad news.. me and my dad didnt realise we had to have the car sat on our drive by the 28th of February (scrappage scheme ends) means that i cant get the tit i want! :( he said the paintjob alone would be around 12 &#33;Removed&#33; weeks! i asked him what if fords already made them similar to my spec, the salesman said it would be very rare, because most !Removed! are in 5 door.. so chances of a 3dr with bodykit in WHITE would be very slim :( my heart sank.. although i then asked about the zetec S in white he said i could probably have one within a week! its just the other options to make it a better spec would slow the process down... argh! what can i do!
  20. Looking to get the MK7

    wait i just read your spec list on your sig, how on earth did you manage to get it for that price with that spec??
  21. Looking to get the MK7

    thats a brilliant price imo, with parking sensors, bodykit, wheels, and whatever you might have it seems a bargain! which garage was this ? and the pictures are brilliant the chrome does really set off with the white! thanks alot tit all teh way for me then woop :D
  22. build quality sounds shocking reading from all this.. still not bothered by it, nothing i cant fix ;) might be annoying ad fustrating, but when you learn about your car and solve different things yourself it gives me a satisfied feeling that i have fixed it myself, i know some people like to have their brand new cars spot on as it should be, but am just saying i dont mind tackling these niggles myself as i find them quite fun and rewarding :)
  23. Looking to get the MK7

    hehe they look very understated/clean styling, i always prefered wild styling, thats why i spent so much on mods for my car (nothing chavvy all genuine stuff) il have nothing to do with the ford apart from some very special wheels, some lower springs, front carbon splitter middle section bit and some things i have in mind ;)
  24. Looking to get the MK7

    nah VWs are boring.. they might be solid cars but it doesnt seem anything special.. when i see a GTi i dont think, wow.. when i see a astra/corsa VXR or just a normal fiesta it just grabs my attention i probably wont even notice gti's drive past me.. the new polo looks so boring and squared off compared to the fiesta's fantastic wild styling wins it over for me anyday, the interior feels so much more special too!
  25. Looking to get the MK7

    cant see it being that bad tbh.. its car of the year plus it beats every rivals to test at the moment, nothing can rival it in this class