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  1. Cheers, appreciate it!, will report back once I either know more or get it solved, it's at the garage again till next week.
  2. Did you watch the video link?, I try to turn it over twice. Just had a fresh battery installed, if it doens't turn over fast enough even with a fresh battery, whats the solution?. The internal diagnostic showed the battery voltage holding around 11.9 before start, then when I do get the car going it goes up to between 13-14.
  3. Not replaced but if there was an issue it would show up in the diagnostic(right?), which was performed by 3 different diagnostic computers, I do wait for the plug light to go out before starting, still wont start, takes around 6-8 cranks to get going but once going fine until left for a couple of hours.
  4. Hi All, Having an issue with my S-Max recently where it could start and run no problem for a few days(or more) then intermitenly not start, even if left over night. It then may start after 2-5 goes of turning over. I've gone to two mechanics, full service, brand new battery, diagnosic computers show no codes at all. They're both stumped, they've said its not the fuel pump or an air lock. This is a video; Here is a pic of the fuse box, does it look right?, I'm at a total loss here and any help would be greatly appreciated. My other half is afraid to death to drive it as she's scared it wont start when she parks up on the school run or going to the shops etc etc.