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  1. Looking for the alloy wheel colour for a touch up pen... Its a dark grey colour (useless I know) Had a look through the forum but cant seem to pinpoint it. Can someone help please?
  2. sooooo.... 'I' didnt kerb my alloys. Someone else did.... But... Id like to get a touch up pen of either the same paint colour/similar. Im aware it wont be perfect but I'm hoping to stop corrosion. Im guessing they'll be kerbed a bit more than they are a driving instructor.
  3. Legends all of you. Thanks. Sync3 it is!
  4. How do you tell if you have Sync 2 or Sync 3 headunit? Ive not got the manual for the car yet... Focus 67reg. Thanks in advance
  5. Great links and advice. Thank you. I don't have the connecter either. Questions. -How/where did you fit the camera? -Would this camera work/be better/better fit/same connections as yours? -Forscan...simply download onto iPhone? -headunit and dash removal....ill do a site search for this 🙂 Lew