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  1. Hi all, I have a sync 3 system on my 17 mondeo it was on version 2.2 so I downloaded version 3 from the ford website. I followed the instructions and inserted a the usb stick, it showed that it was updated and that it would take effect after a restart of the system. now in system settings it shows that I’m on version 3 but ever touch takes anywhere between 5 and 20 seconds, the gps is unusable, the update was done about two days ago and the car has been restarted several times since then. anyone any experience with this? Thank you
  2. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has found a way of making a sync3 compatible with wireless car play? an adapter or software update? thanks
  3. Just wondering if the red yellow and green lines move as you turn the steering wheel in reverse?
  4. Yea the roi models are exactly the same only with kmph, so I presume there is no permanent job that can be done, to get it opened up for example and change a sticker?
  5. You mentioned that the titx model would have digital clocks, I understand though that the needles are digital but the miles or kilometers on the outside are not changeable?
  6. Thank you again for your reply, I do like the exhaust tips that you get with the 180 bhp one though, I’ll keep looking, also wondering what’s going to happen to the r they in Southern Ireland if a no deal brexit happens 🙂
  7. Great explanation thank you, so the mapping and unlocking are generally not done at the same place? I would be be getting the titanium x model so I presume that will have the digital clocks would you know if it would support car play or android auto? thanks again
  8. Hi all I’m new here, So I am about to buy a Mondeo 2016 but I’m between a couple of models. Both of them are titanium X but one is 150 PS and the other is 180 PS I read somewhere that the engine in these cars is the same but they are mapped by Ford differently? Is this true? I was also considering getting it mapped after I bought it, apparently the 150 model can be increased to about 190 bhp and the 180 model can be increased to about 210 bhp this would lead me to believe that the engines are different, could somebody shed some light for me please. I know there are stage one and two maps but I don’t really understand it. It’s not really the BHP increase that I would be interested in it’s the throttle response and fuel efficiency mainly. One last question I live in the Republic of Ireland and I will be buying this car in The north, are the odometers digital or analog as in can I change the odometer from mph to kilometres? Thanks in advance Harry