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  1. I've recently updated my SYNC to 3.4 and maps to F10. The maps update needed a 32gb stick. The SyncMyRide folder contained 22gb of files. 2.8gb isn't large enough for a maps update so that could be your problem. Can you download and extract the files again? The stick also had the small autoinstall.lst file. It did not have the "DONTINDX.MSA" file mentioned by pcaouolte but apparently that is not essential. I installed the maps over several journeys as I wasn't making a 2 hour one. This worked but extended the overall update time considerably. In case it helps, my SYNC 3.4 update had a SyncMyRide folder of 3.09gb and the autointstall.lst file. I am assuming you have checked that your SYNC is up to date as that is the first stage of the process.
  2. I posted earlier that maps seem to take longer to load at start up after updating to 21194. That was with old maps F8 but it is still slow loading now I've installed F10.
  3. That is true. I successfully installed F10 maps after unofix posted that info on another thread. Interrupting the install does seem to have a considerable impact on the time it takes going by my experience. It took a combination of journey times of 55min, 1hr15min, 15min then 25min to install ... in fact I kept the engine running on the drive for 10 minutes at the end of the last one. It's possible that changing radio stations may pause the install too as the Updating Software message disappeared for a couple of minutes after I did that so I only did it once!
  4. I like to have TA on but often pick up BBC Kent or London travel news in Essex. The Cancel button was a quick way to silence the bulletin if not going that way. A quick flick of the station change button on the stalk usually has the same effect .... but occasionally changes station as well if my timing is out!
  5. Since my update to 21194 it seems to me that my maps take longer to load (still on F8 not F10 yet). Has that been other people's experience? One thing that has changed is when traffic bulletins cut in I used to get a pop up window giving me the option to cancel (which I found handy) but that doesn't happen now.
  6. Cheers for that, though one trip through the Dartford Tunnel on a Friday evening should give me more than enough time to install in one go!
  7. After weeks of being told by the Ford website, customer support and my dealer that my Sync was up to date despite being on v3.3 with F8 maps I had another go at updating when I read on here about 21194 suddenly being available. Sure enough I was offered an update which has installed fine. I did have a sinking feeling when the display said Update Completed. My GPS icon had a red line through it and I'd lost my radio icons. Stopping the engine, switching off ignition and restarting made no difference. But stopping, getting out of car, locking doors then getting back in and restarting got everything hunky-dory. Thank goodness for this forum and no thanks to Ford. Now I've just got to find an excuse to go on a few longer journeys and install the maps I've downloaded ... making sure I can top up with diesel afterwards!
  8. I think you were spot on Tizer. Today I now have SYNC updates available for my car on the Ford website, whereas for the past few weeks it insisted my SYNC (v3.3) was up to date. When I get back from holiday I'll give it a go. The loss of GPS thread made me have a look today. Folks on that thread say it's v3.4.21194. What a shame Ford can't be open about these things. As I wrote earlier when I contacted Customer Service they simply said I was up to date rather than telling me they'd pulled the updates due to possible problems but hoped to resolve this soon.
  9. I think you were right. Customer Services' response: "Please be advised, your vehicles Sync system is up to date. Different vehicles, specifications and batches may have had further updates at this time; please wait for any new updates to be released for your vehicle. You can do this by keeping an eye on the Ford Sync website: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ " Sigh.
  10. My Ford dealer contacted me today and apparently the latest SYNC software they have available in the workshop is 3.3 which is why they couldn't help. Now waiting for response from Ford Customer Service.
  11. Many thanks Tizer for the info which tells me I should be able to load 3.4. I didn't have the arrows on my screen. They appear now I've reinstalled Ford Pass on my phone but that doesn't seem to have resolved my problem. I tried checking for new software on the car display via Ford Pass but it stayed searching for ages. Maybe if I could connect the car to my home wifi that would help but it seems the signal isn't strong enough. I assume that Ford should know my current software (after using their website to update to 3.3 via USB then confirming the update shortly after I got the car) so entering my VIN on their website should bring up any new software. That's not the case for me. The case continues!
  12. My 69 plate 2.0 Ecoblue Focus is currently on 3.3 (19052) and F8 maps. Reading through this thread makes me think I should be able to update to 3.4 and F10. However entering my VIN number on the Ford Website or using Ford Account gives me the message that my software and maps are up to date. I took the car to a Ford dealer today for its 2 year service and asked them to check this. They said they'd checked and my software is up to date but told me to check now and again as the new software might not be available for my car yet. I asked if they had a list of what the latest software was available for different models and they said no. I'm guessing they just did the same as I had done. Does anyone have a similar car to mine and been able to update? I will meanwhile attempt to contact Customer Service. I know I could go down the Cyanlabs route but am a bit twitchy about breaking something that works and I usually use Google Maps as a sat nav so there's no urgency.
  13. An astonishing thing for a service manager to say. During lockdown my 2.0 diesel (manual) stayed parked on the driveway sometimes for periods of 14 to 20 days, occasionally moving it a few yards so the car's weight was hopefully resting on a different bit of the tyres' treads! It always started fine and I've not experienced any strange behaviour in the car, apart from the usual temporary loss of auto start-stop. I took it for a 40 minute run now and again on as much dual carriageway as I could find to keep the battery topped up. My experience of this engine so far is that it's far from crap. I'm delighted with it and it tows a caravan beautifully. So don't let them get away with their own ineptitude by blaming the car. Get in contact with Ford UK.
  14. Hope these are of help Bethan. Just measured mine. The width is 115cm. Depth varies with height due to the rake of the back seat and tailgate. At floor level it's 99cm but from the top of the back seats to the tailgate it's 86cm (that's at a height of 43cm) which would be more relevant for your crate. At ceiling height the available depth would be down to about 66cm I reckon. The height from floor to ceiling tapers from 76cm at the back of the seats to 70cm at the back of the car. Dimensions are just as useful (if not more) than capacity and it's annoying that they are not supplied. I was lucky that my neighbour had already bought a new estate and even allowed me to try our biggish labrador in it. There's just enough headroom for him to sit upright without bumping his head! If you've got any doubts could you wait until you've collected the car? However if you'd prefer a divider try the Travall website again. There seems to be a divider available for my estate. www.travall.co.uk/ford/focus-estate-2018- I'm quite tempted to get one.
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