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  1. Nothing, I had a custom exhaust back box changed, but if anything after that the car feels faster and haven’t noticed any performance loss
  2. Hi I have a fiesta mk7 1.25 (2010) and recently my fuel hasn’t been efficient, at the moment I have done 92 miles with half a tank, I do about 20 miles a day and there is no leaks from my car, anyone know what could possibly be the problem. Thanks
  3. I have a standard mk7 pre facelift without spats and I’m looking at a diffuser with spats off of a mk7.5 will it fit my car. Thanks
  4. Because that spoiler I brought as a 2009-2013 Ford Fiesta, but the brake light on that year for fiesta is different to the one in the picture
  5. Yeah that’s the video I was going off when I was attempting to change spoiler and then realised the brake light was completely different from the old spoiler
  6. Hi I brought a st spoiler for my mk7 fiesta. It fits perfectly but the brake light is completely different can anyone help? Thanks
  7. Hi, I brought a black st spoiler for my mk7 fiesta, it fits perfect but the brake light is completely different. Anyone help? Thanks
  8. Hi, mk7 headlight eyebrows are nearly triple the price of mk7.5, does anyone know if the mk7.5 eyebrows fit the mk7. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta mk7 and want to upgrade my headlights, sidelights and fog lights to xenon or LED, I have seen custom made lights for like £250 but wasn’t planning on spending that much, can anyone help thanks
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