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  1. Not an option on his car. So i should be able to disable with FORscan? Tried it mate. Didn’t work
  2. Putting this up for a friend Hi guys. Does anyone know how to disable focus St mirror fold. The mirror motor turns very slow passenger side, only moves mirror few degrees then stops. I have looked in boot for fuse F44 car manual says controls power mirrors, the fuse is not there. I also checked engine bay fuse panel for f25 as believe this was for Europe cars, again this fuse is missing. Everything else with power mirrors works great, tilt, heating, indicator. I am trading car in soon so no point spending cash on new motor. Any help be great Thanks, very much guys.
  3. I just connected the rca lead that comes with the camera to the grey plug. That’s it
  4. The camera has 2 outlets. One is an rca and the other is power. Power side i used reverse light but I’m going to change it to an ignition live as I’m getting a time delay when i select reverse. Thr rca outlet just joins to the supplied rca lead you feed into the car.
  5. The camera delay means it stays on until you drive forward. Think it goes off at a certain speed. If you cut the end of the rca plug it has 2 wires,black and yellow. You connect the black wire to the green wire on the grey plug and the yellow wire to the blue wire on the grey plug. This is video + and -
  6. May look at that to be honest mate. Defo getting the blue screen and delay because I’m using the reverse feed
  7. Sure did mate. I’ve just spliced into it just now so I’ve got proper connectors coming to plug into the grey plug and make it a bit neater. Couldn’t get a 12v from the grey plug so using the reverse light as a 12v. When i have the camera delay on i get blue screen once out of reverse so may use a ignition 12v so i get the delay once I’m out of reverse. Also when going into reverse i get a blue screen for a split second,i presume its the delay from the reverse feed to camera so an ignition 12v should sort this. Just happy I’ve got it working and I’ll tweak it another day. For less than £25 ive got a reverse camera and the quality is as good as standard as my brother has a ST with reverse camera.
  8. Thought I’d update this. Now have a working rear view camera using the grey plug. So easy to do and cost me under £25
  9. Heres a vid from YouTube showing the pig tail can be used for power
  10. Is the red not a signal so the headunit can power the video input? Heres the rca lead. It has a thin red comes out of either side
  11. Right ive spent days scouring the internet and think this may work so inside an rca cable is 3 wires. Red 12v black video - yellow video + the grey connector has 6 pins pin 1 is white 12v pin 4 is blue video + pin 5 is green video - so if you join the black rca wire to pin 5 and yellow rca wire to to pin 4 then it should give you video. Join the red 12v wire to white pin 1 and then join the other side to the camera power cable and this should power the camera when in reverse. Earth the camera from inside the tailgate and fingers crossed this works.
  12. Looks really good that. What camera do you have?
  13. I take it you don’t have the parking lines do you still get the beeping when you get close to things