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  1. Pogo

    Wet rear footwell

    Sounds stupid, but does your rear washer work? If not how long has it stopped working for? It could be that if it isn't working and you keep operating the switch to try to get it to work, it could be leaking from the connector in the roof panel and seeping down to the carpet.
  2. Pogo

    glow light flashing

    I can agree with Eggsy, I cleaned mine out just before the cold set in, cleaned the black intake manifold too and made loads of difference. Messy, but a reasonably quick and easy job to do.
  3. Pogo

    Mondeo 2.0 TDCI...

    Ford is probably cheaper on parts and servicing costs, but the build quality of a VW is probably slightly better. I have a 6 speed TDCI 130 Mondeo and it goes and handles really well, and is very quiet on the motorways with a 6 speed 'box
  4. Pogo

    Embarrassed to ask...but need help

    Have you checked the glow plugs are definately working? Could be a faulty relay?
  5. I'm running 18" Kuhmo's on my alloys. They're a really good all round tyre and pretty cheap too.
  6. Pogo

    Anti Roll Bar Drop links

    I had a knocking on the back end of my 03 mondeo tdci. It took very little time to change one of the link arms, but I also uprated the subframe suspension bushes to poly ones. This stopped all the noises at the back end, and there is no real difference in ride comfort, but they'll last loads longer.
  7. Hi, I'm replacing the headgasket on my 1993 granada 2.0 DOHC, as the coolant is over pressuring in the header tank. I was wondering if there is a bimetallic strip in the heater that only allows water/coolant to flow through when the engine is warm or is it more likely to be blocked. I know it isn't passing through as I checked the temps of the inlet and outlet by touch and the outlet was still cold. Also I've tried to blow through the pipework and had nothing come out either. So is it a new matrix or is there a heat controlled valve? Cheers
  8. Hi, Thanks for the help, I'll give it a try.
  9. I tested this with a multi meter and when I operated the key it quickly flicked to 12v, but I've no idea how long its supposed to stay for or if the flick of the voltage is enough to operate the door lock mechanism
  10. Done all that, motor doesn't move when I operate remote or the drivers door lock.
  11. Pogo

    poor radio reception

    If you wanted to change the head unit there are 2 routes you can take. 1. Replace the ford unit with whats called a double din unit, its the same size as a ford stereo. or 2. Fit a standard size head unit using a fascia plate that reduces the size old the stereo hole to a single din. Halfords will give you an idea of what to look for, although you may find better deals online
  12. Hi, After some help or advice. I have a MK3 mondeo and the central locking has stopped working on the left hand rear door. Is this a common fault? Is it likely to be the door itself or the drivers door as I know this controls the whole system. Cheers for any help given
  13. I change plenty of headlights and bulbs on modern cars in my job and the Mondoe headlight is probably the easiest of the lot. Admittedly it isn't as easy as sticking you hand behind the light fitting and changing the bulb, but recent cars have better front end protection these days, not to mention aircon, inter coolers and all other mod cons, lol
  14. Pogo

    Mk3 Air Con

    Its the digtal system, so should only come on when the a/c button is on, but mine is still running with the button off
  15. Pogo

    coolant fan

    The easiest way to check if the relay is faulty is to swap it with a similar one inside fuse/relay box. It does sound like a relay fault, altough it may be worth finding the temperature sensor and use a wire to bridge the connection there, that would tell you whether the relay was a fault as the fans should start up if the relay is ok. If they do start then the fault is likely to be the temperature sensor. Hope this may help Pogo