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  1. Can't pull from front side as you can see... Done yesterday
  2. Wrong advice Mk8 have to fit from back side
  3. Yes. All right no problem just ask, maybe I'm can help 😉
  4. new installation complete remove all B&O speakers and amp. 3-way front speakers focal ES 165 KX3 no orig crossovers only digital from Audison 8.9bit back speakers ES 165K subwoofer Audison 2x4Ohm + ampr Excursion Amp. Audison AP8.9 bit decoder Nav TV zen DSP12A-A2B front not use center new cables
  5. How did you make it? go back from 3.4 I'm cant on my fiesta mk8 originally from sync 3.0 I'm really ***** off by graphic interface of 3.4 sync its looks like cheap chinese radio and audio player its disaster. please let me know what files im need have to go back im on 3.4 19200 thanks
  6. Im upgrade from 3.0 to sync 3.4 and can't go back not even 3.3 (fiesta mk8) terrible graphics interface looks like cheap chinese android players terrible audio player ... first pics is 3.0 lincoln sec is 3.4 lincoln not able see climate control 3.4 it's just stupid number should be call sync 1.4 this is really downgrade not upgrade 😞
  7. audison is good they make pretty good job on OEM sound car easy upgrade kits like https://www.audison.eu/news/f-150/ but this is for sony and standart old one Ford start putting to new F150 model B&O play with similar amp but little bigger because bigger subwoofer unit as you can see on first pics my last post the blue socket is micro usb cable connecting DSP amp under passenger seat....so maybe if someone try connect will be work (maybe) https://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-FOCUS-FIESTA-B-O-PLAY-AMP-AMPLIFIER-MODULE-JX7T-18B849-AH-2017-2018-2019/382959789798?hash=item592a2ea6e6:g:VM0AAOSw~25c3~Mo amp is not so expensive and doing 2x4Ohms sub its seems to me like easy way to try
  8. Hi is your fiesta with B&O sound? as i mentioned in post im end up with Audison APS 8 D 4ohms 2 coil But if you have different amp its not limits except mounting depth is max 90mm or you can use 10mm 15mm spacer for stronger speaker Thread you refer is for Sony sound system I don't think B&O have any setting in forscan and programing B&O amp with DSP is not possible now for us..will be nice if front door speakers have from amp full spectrum sound ,then will be able go to 3way speakers modification like is in pics
  9. front tweeters better position also new cables go to front amplifier located behind the main screen
  10. in existing subwoofer i'm already try several bass speakers best play choice is audison around 130Eur original factory speaker cost seems 10-20 eur Pyle its much better piece for 60 eur but sensitivity is too low due to larger coils Stock amp is already small and powering just 4 doors speakers + sub. 6 chanels Front 3 dashboard speakers running from head unit located behind the main display on pics
  11. UPGRADING Subwoofer with Audison APS 8 D 4ohms 2 coil also dampening inside of plastic shell after that bass its more precise control and firm mounting depth is max 90mm