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  1. Hi, I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta, recently the fan belt snapped, a new belt has been fitted but some odd sounds coming from the car a lot of squeaking, the ideally pully has been exchanged but still the sound has not resolved. any advice or help will be appreciated thank you
  2. Hi there, in need of some advice and guidance, a few weeks ago my drivers/fan belt snapped whilst driving, I have exchange the belt and the idle, but I have been getting what can only be described as a chirping sound, I have sprayed WD40 on ll the pulls and the sound will go for a day or so but comes back I have even taken the cans bully off as bit of belt where behind it, but still I have the sound, I'm doubting my self If I have replaced the belt with the correct belt at the time the belt I had did not want to go despite pulling the alternator forward there was not enough slack I went for originally a 6p1019 but because there was not enough slack to put the alternator back i went for a 6pk1029. the belt fits and seems to work but just wonder if this could be the cause of the issue. can some please confirm the part number for the a fan belt for a 1.4l 2012 fiesta without A/C not sure if the issue is the belt or water pump or something completely different. I have a 1.4 without A/c any ideas or advice not sure if anyone else has had similar issues and what the solution was.