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  1. I have noticed on 2 mk 6 Fiestas that I own that they only have one of the small plastic collection pieces that collects water from the water gutter under the windscreen and directs it to the ground.There is nothing on the drivers side which means that the water from the screen runs straight into the drivers side strut top.Since this is the case with both vehicles, I assume thats how it is at the factory??.It does not make sense to me.
  2. Yes indeed, thats how I did it when I was putting back the adjuster that the garage messed up, its a Little more fiddly, but I really HATE those silly other type of multi nuts.She didnt have the ABS on this particular model.The front stub looks to be sticking out a bit, but I just never noticed it before. It is exposed though which I think is a little strange.We took a chance and tightened up the silly nut on the back without it coming apart........God bless the days when you could put a split pin through the stub to stop the nut from moving.
  3. I thought I would have to go digging for a wiring issue or a non working door switch on 08 fiesta because my central door locks would not lock . I did notice that I was hearing the sound of the engine a little more, it was then I discovered that my pass door was not closed properly,........ PHEW!!!! Disaster averted. LOL!.
  4. My 03 fiesta failed the annual road worthiness test last week on a loose bearing on the rear/offside. I priced up a new kit first from a dealer for 120 quid. I then priced one up at an auto factors for 11 quid. But it was discovered that the bearing hub nut was only loose, which persumeably was not done correctly when the shoes were done by an independent garage two years ago. Incidently, I also had to reinstall the shoe adjuster some time later which fell out when the shoes were done too by the same garage. I don't think it was the automatic type. Anyway, passed yesterday after a retest, but it just goes to show that you can never be too observant when it comes to these things. By the way, should there be a cover over the front hubnut on these vehicles?
  5. Hi again, there seems to be some confusion here. My explanation might not be up to scratch....ha!. The fan itself is absolutely fine and is working. The resistor is the part that has failed. So, the fan and air-conditioning system is working okay now, but the resistor and the fuse is bypassed,but this is not going to be permanent. I was just wondering why the 40amp fuse blew in the beginning. You have explained possible reasons why it might have blown, thanks.
  6. Thanks, when you say thermal sensor, do you mean the item that is mounted below the rad and has a coil on it (resistor I call it).If so, this item has failed but when it was bypassed temporary, it still did not work the fan ,I thought the relay that controls the high speed of the fan was not wired through the thermal sensor?.The aircon did work all along,I just wanted to check which relay that activated with the aircon, so I pulled the relay under the glovebox, afterwards the fan failed to operate.The fan and aircon will work now, but with the blown 40amp fuse bypassed.Of course, this fuse will have to be changed, but this is the reason why the fan failed just how it blew in the first place.
  7. Thanks Ed, Talk about opening a can of worms? I had an issue with the cooling fan not coming on with the aircon, hense why I wanted to know where the fuse is.I initially cleaned up the big thick red cable on the batt terminal, then I wanted to try to clean the other side of it where it goes into the plastic thingy. Removed the relay box, batt clamp and finally discovered another fusebox???? Never knew there was one there Five fuses, 4 60a, and one 40a one..Opened the box and put my meter on the continuity setting to discover that the 40a one was blown.How is it possible to blow a 40a fuse so easily? I had earlier just removed the passenger relay to check which of the two aircon relays were for the high or low speed. I bypassed the 40a fuse (on a temporary basis) and turned on the aircon, and voila!! works a treat.Is this the only feed for the cooling fans?From the wiring diag the 15amp fuse you descibe is powering the activating part of the cooling fan relays?? On the look out for another 40 amp.
  8. Where is the cooling fan fuse? The manual says that its in the relay box behind the battery of a mk 6 fiesta,all is there is just the two relays, no fuse.There doesn't appear to be power going to the feed side of both relays that control the fan with the aircon/cooling circuits.Relays are working.
  9. Why does some vehicles have this item while others dont. What is its purpose, is it to just reduce the speed of the rad fan while the aircon is on?
  10. I seem to fall into ford ownership having acquired/inherited an 03 1.4 duratec fiesta thats still relatively sound underneath bodywise , but now have a 08 tdci .Also storing an 07 KA for someone, which has.........................................................hmmmmmm ,some issues underneath and elsewhere.😃 Immaculate condition inside though.Strange how ford never sorted out the oxide issues.
  11. Finally found out the cause of this, I changed both the idler pulley and the tensioner of the aux belt and, voila!!, silence.I can now take out my ear plugs.It probably should have been done when the other stuff was done, i.e timing belt, alternator, and belt itself relacement.
  12. I dont know for sure if its the same pipe you re talking about but on mine, there is a pipe thats going into the air filter round the back,but the other side is just blanked with a bolt pushed in.I dont know what it is for.
  13. Might there be a drain somewhere while stopped?
  14. I am totally new to diesels but I have recently acquired the exact spec and year as yours, and I dont think mine smokes, then I am not a boy/girl racer, and she has more miles than yours.I do have another issue with it which I have posted over in the Fiesta section. Your air filter clean? Injector issue?
  15. Hi, I seem to be having a issue with a whining noise coming from the area of the aux belt of a mk 6.5 fiesta tdci. I did notice some wear in the shaft of the power steering pump pulley, so I changed it for a second hand item. Unfortunately it now has the same issue. I didn't detect any wear when buying it. I removed the belt and there is no sound then, so the problem is not with the timing belt, which was changed in the last 2 years. The power steering fluid was black, which I have flushed and changed. Is the PS pump a known weak point,or is there another possibility? It would be nice if I could isolate the pump on a temporary basis to test.