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  1. Hi all, Can't find any info online on someone else having a similar instance of this but here's hoping.. My 2013 Focus Estate 1.6 Diesel starting reporting a dipped beam bulb fault on the LCD screen about 7 months ago, which obviously reflected the same in the actual headlight (drivers side was half illuminated) Mr Clutch was unable to fix after replacing the bulb and fuse so i had to get an auto electrician to take a look. After a lot of troubleshooting he was able to resolve the issue by simply plugging in his diagnostics machine, searching for faults and then clearing all faults. So no physical fixes on the car or light, just cleared all faults which even brought the headlight back to life too. The issue has re-occurred today so just wondering if i've got a dodgy ECU, not sure where the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers!