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  1. Thanks I'll get on that. I was driving it home today and it started making quite a loud hissing noise. It's time to stop driving it i I think.
  2. Good afternoon all. Hopefully I'm in the right place for a bit of advice. My Mondeo was sitting up for just under a year. It is back on the road again now however it has lost all power and acceleration. There is an engine management light on the dash that is throwing up a code for emissions. I had a friend with some knowledge have a look and he noticed the turbo actuator isn't moving. He said it could also be a problem with the EGR valve being clogged up however there is no black smoke or anything like that. Any ideas? I've been asking around in regards to price at Ford mechanics and I'm being quoted quite high for something that isn't even diagnosed yet. Just wondering is this a common problem and is there any home remedies I could try before putting it into a garage. Getting married in two weeks so if I can cut costs I will! Thanks for the help.