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  1. Happy Birthday dannyhilton!

  2. New Focus Sat Nav

    Got my dealer to look at the specs the Aussie Focus will get. No mention of a Rear View Camera :( Does get the 9-Speakers, Sony Audio, 5" Color Display ETC though!
  3. New Focus Sat Nav

    Supposedly the Sat Nav is coming to Australia with a Sony Audio setup. So as our cars come from Germany, I'd expect you guys should see this soon too!!!
  4. Frozen White, Owners Opinions Pls

    Will give this ago tonight and post up the results. Inevitably though, where I am in Australia it's !Removed! dry, so any attempt to clean my car results in fine dust settling on it, which results in swirls. It's nothing major, and only really noticeable until you're close. That or I'm just plain stupid (land of convicts, of corse I am!). Hopefully the Focus won't end up like this HEHE :)
  5. New Focus Sat Nav

    Thank you so much for your help cuke! Sat in a base model and pumped up the stereo today, and found the Sony unit to be much better in terms of sound clarity. And in terms of looks, it kills the Ford unit. SYNC / MyFord Touch doesn't really interest me all that much, I have to deal with horrid Microsoft computers at work all day so keeping as much of their garbage out of my car is my plan! Sony Premium Audio it is. Thanks again fella. *gets ready to order*
  6. Frozen White, Owners Opinions Pls

    About to order a new Ford Focus Titanium (equivalent to your Titanium X) and ditching the white. Had Diamond White on my MK6 Fiesta and now Frozen White on my MK7. Looks superb when clean, and doesn't show the dirt and swirls until your close, but when you are you can definitely see them. Plus I find the white looses its appeal in the sun (maybe not a problem for your guys as much as it is in Australia) but it looks, I dunno, plain jane, in the sun. Will try Moondust Silver this time. But white has served me very well. Just hope silver concealed swirls better. Get the white though, looks sensational on the Fiesta!
  7. New Focus Sat Nav

    Hey matey. What's your opinions of the sat nav system in the Focus? Worth getting, is it voice controlled?
  8. New Focus Sat Nav

    Does anyone know if Ford plan on realsing the Sony Satalite Navigation system in the Focus? I mean they have it in the C-Max? Am tossing between getting the Satalite Navigation or the Premium Sony Unit. *descisions*
  9. Buying A New Focus

    Does anyone have a new Focus with the satellite navigation? About to order a Titanium but in Australia the navigation system becomes standard, so I'm tossing between just ordering now and get the Sony unit or holding for the navigation equipped version? Thanks in advance :-)
  10. Certainly will. A friend has the 1.4L engine and I have the 1.6 Ti-VCT, both are interchangeable. Also EP sells the same kit for both engines :) http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=140_139&products_id=1099
  11. Great news for Ford! Have drive the 1.6L PowerShift, very nice, and much punchier than the 1.4L. Fuel consumption too is much better, as the 1.4L needed a good poke to get going. Hope you guys get it soon :)
  12. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    If you have a spare tyre, or a temporary spare or even a fit-it-kit, take it out and go for a drive. The noise magically disappears. I found it was the foam that held the spare tyre gear that made the noise in my car. Although the black buffer like rubbers on the rear door (one each side) also needed to be tightened (put them at 7 and 1 o'clock). No rattles from the boot anymore.
  13. Colour Coded Spoiler Extensions

    Fantastic. Very sexy. Love the first picture too, the car looks spotless.
  14. Fiesta Sport Grille Chrome Inserts

    EP are great to deal with, though sometimes I felt he was getting angry when I'd ask questions, but I've been told that's a German/English translation thing! Good luck :)
  15. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    That's a nifty little feature!