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  1. Not available as PDF as far as I'm aware, html isn't good
  2. Hi Sam, I have an old Sat Nav V2 SD card from a previous car, you're welcome to give it a try not sure which version of maps your car will support Al
  3. Here you go, think this is what you're after. This is the very first brochure before the Active was released. Al Brochure.pdf
  4. Here's the MK3 brochure, I had Midnight Sky but very different from Sea Grey focus.pdf
  5. Looking good! Gave mine the works at the weekend but don't know what I'm going to do for the next god knows how many now!
  6. Hi Andy, sorry for the delayed response, I lifted mine up from the side with the door open, it's doesn't lift very easily - from memory there's some velcro tape holding it down and the isofix cover needs to be removed. Al
  7. Hi Andy, I had that issue and discovered that the wiring connector for the rear seat sensors wasn't engaged properly causing a dodgy connection, haven't had any problems since. You can find it under the driver's side rear seat, it's a bit awkward to lift the seat base to get at it but mine wasn't properly clicked in.
  8. Any joy with resolving the rattling roof and seatbelt issues Debbie?
  9. Hi, welcome to the Forum, can't help with the roof issue but I had the same issue with the rear seatbelt sensors and sorted myself. The wiring connector for the rear sensors is under the seat base on the driver's side. On mine the two halves of the connector weren't properly clipped in causing the issue (my theory is someone sitting on that side is enough to break the connection causing the fault). If you ease up the seat base you should be able to see the wiring connector, just check it's properly clicked together, mine has been fine since. Hope this helps
  10. I've had mine kick in once when car in front braked suddenly in slow moving traffic, reacted quicker than I did and I wasn't day dreaming. As others have said the collision alert can be a bit over sensitive.