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  1. I've had my ST-Line X 1.5 182 auto a few weeks now got to say i love the engine like Guy said it does sound a lot better than a 4 pot it's got character kind of like a porsche when accelerating sounds lovely and with the turbo noises too from standard is pretty nice. I've got to say it's definitely quicker than the stats suggest my previous car an Alfa giulietta 1.4 170 was 0-62 in 7.4 and this focus is definitely quicker maybe i'm a lucky ****** and got more power than the 182 😂 You would love one of these over a Golf 1.4 TSI got character, seats are comfortable loads of room inside decent boot size and great cruising on long journey's with low road noise. Test drive the two and see which you prefer but on the 3 pot/4 pot you won't even notice the difference with normal driving
  2. Had my new Focus-ST-Line X 1.5 ecoboost 182 auto a couple of weeks now love the car but after filling up a few times now i've noticed the fuel range is only 320 miles for full tank! ***** shocking that why such a crap fuel range? I read online it has a 54 ltr tank my prvious car was an Alfa Giulietta 1.4 and that had a 60 ltr i was getting about 500 miles. Something doesn't seemright about that plus with the Focus only averaging 26mpg it's gone in no time and that isn't with driving with a heavy foot. Is anyone else's fuel range as pathetic as mine?