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  1. Hi, did you manage to fit footwell lights? There should be green/red, orange and black/blue wires. I didn´t find it in my. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Hi, did you any one updated to this US fascia? Do you know how to rewire the top connector? I found something, but he mentioned ther “pin 6 for the button”, but I have there just 5 pins. Thank xou for the help!
  3. Hi, did any one fit USA radio panel, where is hazard and door lock separate and has 2 connectors at the back? Can you help me with rewiring from the old one panel? Thank you very much!
  4. Hi, if anyone interested, I have for sale Sync2 with navi (display+APIM) + media HUB + SD card with maps 2019 + GPSM module. 150 Pounds (175 EUR)
  5. Hi there, are you someone looking for Sync2? I will have one for sale with navi - APIM, Display, Fascia, media HUB, USB cables to the central tunnel, SD card. 270 EUR.
  6. I am also interested in some manual and schema of connection 😉 thank you very much!
  7. I am also interested for sam manual and schema of the connecting 😉 Thank you very much!
  8. Ok, I am done. Only one lst think what is missing, that car on the display when I am parking. But for the automatic parking it works. Do you have any idea whre can be problem or how to set in apim? And also when back parking sensors are on, radio does not go low, only with wront parking sensors.
  9. Yes I am. But now I have information that it has to be activated with diag in Airbag configuťration.
  10. Ok, I didnt have connected MScan 😞 Navigation is now function, but it is still sayin that emergency assist is not available... can it be because I have gpsm under the dashboard and not on the window? Or do I have to set it somehow via diag? Thanx
  11. I have GPSM directly from MK3.5 with GPSM. I am sure, that it is connected right. 1- 12V, 6 - Ground, 2 - MS can+ to the apim connector 16 and 3 - MS can- to the apim connector 17. What do you mean with HVAC connections?
  12. Ok, everything is working now, except GPSM Do I have to set it somehow via diag? It is wiered (connected) correctly as in schema. Any advice? Thank you very much!
  13. Hi there, I have few questions. I have made upgrade from BT module (I didnt have Sync1) to Sync2. At this moment everything is connected and working. Only thing, that does not work is, that does not play sound from my phone via BT and USB. But it does found that phone, it is connected via BT, also via USB, but no sound from it. And also I can not see that small car on the display when I am parking. I have sensors font and back. And is there more different Sync2 diplays? Because on the main page here is picture with the climate controller (window), but I dont have it there in mine... I have just date there. Thank you very much for your helps.