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  1. Cheers guys, I'll give both options a try.
  2. Hi, I'm living in Spain and due to the very high temperatures we get in summer, rubber parts perish or crack up. On my mk3 Mondeo the rubber strip running down the sides of the windshield have started to crack up, but to find a replacement I need to know what they are called. I used to have a Volvo and there was a company in Germany who had (on their website) a complete break down of parts similar to what you get in a dealership but I can't find anything similar for Ford. Does anyone know of one? My nearest Ford dealer is 50 miles away and I have never found them helpful.
  3. I have decided to reset the ecu (diss battery and short leads) and now all seems fine with 49 mpg after a 20 mile run around town, so I can only assume that the ecu had a momentary power dip. I will keep a close watch for any future glitches though. Thanks for the input. Tony
  4. Hi all, Up until about two weeks ago I was consistantly getting 49 mpg, but one day the insrument display suddenly flipped over to zero miles on the trip counter and temperature changed to F instead of C. From that point I am now getting 44 mpg. My driving habbits have not changed and the car doesn't seem to be running any different so I'm wondering if I might have an ecu glitch and if it's worthwhile resetting it. Any suggestions or advice. Tony
  5. Thanks again Nick. As soon as this lockdown is over I will go to another mechanic and list what you have told me and if neede I will get the belt/idler and filter changed. Tony
  6. Thanks Nick. Iv'e had the car now for 8 months and had it serviced twice (I don't like the idea of black oil). The service mechanic hasn't mentioned the serpentine belt but did suggest that injectors are a common failure on this engine. I'm currently in Spain locked down so getting it looked at by a qualified engineer is difficult hence the question of what happens if it is an injector and it fails. Is it like a dodgy spark plug where I end up with a rough running engine (but still running) or will it stop the car?
  7. Hi, Being new to modernish diesel cars I am unfamiliar with thier little noises and quirks. My mk3 mondeo 2.0l car has what sounds like a minor rattle/knock on tickover. A local diy mechanic says it's an injector. If this is the case how long will it run on this faulty part and what will eventually happen? The car seems to be running fine and I'm getting 50mpg around town, just this rattle/knocking sound on tickover. Anything over 1000rpm and it's gone. Tony
  8. My mk3 Mondeo has developed a fault with the auto headlight system. I have been on a journey that took me through several tunnels and as expected the headlights turned on when entering the tunnels. After a while I noticed that the headlights failed to turn off. I've checked my Haynes manual but as expected, the electrical section is borderline useless. Has anybody got any wiring or other details for this section. It looks to me that a relay may have failed or the daylight sensor has a problem.
  9. Having read up on Google about the properties of the different fuel types I have decided that I will switch to premium diesel if only to help preserve the engine.
  10. Just done what I should have done first - Googled for an answer. It looks like a few tanks of premium/super diesel may help in giving the system a clean-out and possibly improve performance and economy.
  11. Hi, As the topic says, which diesel is best for my Mondeo and why? At the pumps I have a choice of normal diesel or super diesel (the name varies from brand to brand), so is there any benefit in choosing the super over the normal.
  12. Checked all wires on the alternator and they are secure and good clean connections.
  13. Cheers Nick. I'm currently wintering in Spain so a/c on all the time so will get the belt and associated bit looked at.
  14. Hi guys, My recently purchased Mondeo has developed another fault. I now have an intermittent battery light. The light occasionally comes on about 15 seconds after starting and stays on. If I stop and re-start the engine it goes off and stays off. I've checked the battery connection and the connection to the alternator. This fault doesn't happen every time I start but maybe every couple of days. Any clues?
  15. Hi guys, Until recently I have been driving Volvo and accessed parts from a company (Skandix) who had a downloadable catalogue dedicated to each model, these catalogues had every part for the car with the manufacturers part numbers. Granted this company wasn't the cheapest on the market but they also weren't Volvo prices. What I'm looking for now is a similar company that provides the same thing but for Ford. Anybody got any links?