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  1. Late 2019 retirement purchases
  2. I caught croonervirus - I keep singing Sinatra and Buble songs
  3. Have a look at this utube Different mat but same principle, I use a steel punch with rubber pad to hold down the centre button - get fingers are near under the mat to button, it is hard, next time mine is off I will put on some silicone lubricant.
  4. thank you all, dealer also says this, hopefully 'bags for life' handles are at suitable length to be useful
  5. Recent purchase of Fiesta STLine X, anyone use these hooks below parcel shelf support or know what purpose they serve?
  6. Just fitted these to my wife's 24 day owned car having had mine fitted to new car delivered yesterday as part of deal. Like others thought it was going to be easy, yes the passenger side no problem at all. Drivers side - could see the connection "stored" by looking between steering column and dash skirt, could even reach it but not enough grip to remove. Remembered a set of long nose pliers bought some time ago languishing in tool box - the answer to the problem with a little manoeuvring to get nose around end of the connector, no need to remove steel bars or get bruises trying to feed fat hands into place. See attached tool. Nice effect of lights.
  7. Just new to modern ford cars, used to have Cortina's from MK2 to 4. Had many Honda cars since, but won over to the Fiesta following test drive and wife's initial purchase end of October. A very nice race red version. Mine will be when delivered hopefully thi week an Agate black with a few added extras. My wife and i have just bought Fiesta ST-Line X 3dr 125PS cars. A bit confused by MK nos used on the Forum, can anyone point me to a simple guide to the years/models th Mk nuos refer to? Can anyone please advise the wheel torque required on our standard supplied wheels for the cars?
  8. Can the colour of OEM footwell lights be changed by new bulb/led?
  9. Hi Ford folks. This membership is in fact for two people - myself and my wife. After many years of mainly Nissan ownership, then two Honda Jazzes my wife had a test drive in a Fiesta saloon. Didn't quite like the general appearance then was shown a race red 3 door being prepped for another customer. So she bought a race red Fiesta ST-Line X 3dr 125PS delivered 30/10, Needless to say I had a drive and after about 12 Hondas, most recent the 1.5ltr Sport I thought mmmm - this is a much better drive! So guess what - I bought one too. Wife's car is standard off the line Race Red apart from purchased running spare, mine will be - when delivered Agate Black with running spare, heated front seats & steering wheel, rear camera & sensors, at time of writing in flushing awaiting shipping.