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  1. Thanks for the replies, there was 2 spring washers which I removed but I've not found any screws despite cleaning in between the studs etc. I'm off work Monday so will try again and it's now looking like grinding them off. Problem is it will be almost impossible to not damage the hub's and surely this would affect the wheel balance? If the hub's need replacing am I right to assume this will include bearings which need a press to change?
  2. Attempted to remove pads and discs due to wheel wobble under braking but discs are severely seized on and the usual tap with a hammer became numerous clouts with a lump hammer which became heat from a blow torch followed by further blows from the hammer! The disc has now broken leaving the central section firmly attached to the hub, grinding off then hammer and chisel may be an option but I'm thinking I'm likely to have hub/ bearing damage after all this. The question is assuming I can't remove the discs where does this leave me regarding minimum parts required and can I even do the job without separating the discs from the hub's? I'm thinking separate lower ball joint and pull out hub's probably having to change bearings and wheel studs??
  3. I'll look at blanking the egr but does it bring up a fault code? Also on a totally different subject should the tailgate be really heavy to lift? The struts hold it securely when up but don't take any weight when opening.
  4. I've had the upgrade done and its made some difference but it's still flat. Is there anyone reputable near northants that could do a remap at a reasonable price? And more importantly does it always work?
  5. Anyone had this done to the mk4 tdci 1.8 to cure the flat spot and does it work?
  6. im guessing its a mk1 but not sure, ive seen many x reg models with the different headlights and bonnets which mine does not have if that helps.
  7. I was taking my time looking for a galaxy and hoping to get a good one, my citroen almost gave up so was rushed into a quick find.I ended up getting a 2000 1.9tdi 110 ghia, its done 168k and does not have history although i am assured it had a cambelt at 144k. i know this seems foolish but needs must etc! looking under the bonnet its obvious that its had a few new parts, filters, some pipework, battery etc. i was told it had been well looked after but have no paperwork to prove this. it is generally in reasonable condition for the year and mileage but there is a few things i will need to look at soon and hopefully you guys can help!! Firstly i need some tunes and the radio is somewhere else! lol. i have a new kenwood to install but as this model has the amplifier where is best to get a harness? Also the gear stick feels quite sloppy, is this an easy fix? When starting from cold its quite rattly for a few seconds, is this normal for a high milage galaxy or a pending problem? The temp gauge does not reach normal even on a long run but heat comes into the car ok, oil temp is fine around 100 on a motorway blast. Also the key fob battery was flat and when i replaced it and tried to match it to the car following the instructions in the book it was unsuccesful. The led now works on the fob and on the first attempt the light on the drivers door flashed in response but the fob would only unlock and not lock. I re-tried and now it does nothing! All the locking works fine when using the key! There is a few more minor issues but i think i will leave it there for now.. many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  8. there goes the million dollar question, do i buy genuine parts? i can get parts for about half price but they wont be genuine, lots of peope use these and have no issues but you never know. and as money is tight it might have to be the way to go!!
  9. many thanks i will take a look tomorrow if im home b4 dark, after reading another thread it sounds simple to remove grill and headlight. is this how rear access is gained if its not that simple, or is it bumper off?
  10. rear brakes, fronts not far behind. handrake travels to top with little effect, manifold as mentioned earlier and headlamp washer. not to mention needs tyres and taxing at the end of this month!! mostly small stuff but builds up to be an expensive game this driving lark!!
  11. good advice will do, the biggest dilema i have with this car is how much time and money to spend whilst i have the question mark over the auto box/poss diff noise. the rest of the jobs are small and probably all diy. im hoping the noise is just like most old fords (and the wife). just whine with age but just keep going!!
  12. many thanks for the info, looks straight forward enough. will keep you updated on the progress.
  13. are the headlight washers easy enough to access and repair, also am i right in assuming that washers are an mot fail when xenons are fitted. one side does not pop out and wash. any ideas.
  14. thanks for the info, any more details on the rewind tool? if your looking for a project its a pity your not more local. if you look at my recent posts i have a few issues which i will slowly have to work my way through but working long hours and hectic family life is a bit restricting.
  15. im looking at replacing the discs and pads on my 04 tdci 130 hatchback, long time since i did this sort of thing. is it as simple as removing caliper pushing pistons back and re-fitting with new parts? also any special tools needed?