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  1. Hi everyone, found this club today and hoping that someone can help. I have a Mk1 focus 2002 1.8 tdi estate, it was made in Belgium to UK spec for import reasons and I'm the only owner. It's never let me down including a 2000 mile across Europe to Bulgaria which is where I now live. Recently the factory alarm has started going off for no apparent reason. I've disconnected the alarm horn sited in the side of the boot area and I would like to disable the alarm completely need for it where I live. Does anyone know how I can do this although I do appreciate that anyone here would need to know where the actual alarm control box is. I have found a box underneath the instrument panel to the right of the accelerator but I'm not sure if this is the box I need and there's nothing on it which gives me any indication what it is so I haven't messed with it. I was wondering if an Elm 327 device or similar used with Forscan software might be able to disable it . If anyone can help I would be very much appreciative. Thank you. Phil.