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  1. Yep. Just tried it on my phone which doesn't have Waze, no problem. Then plugged in my friend's phone which is running Waze, came up with prompt volume straight away. Looks like the app had an update on the 7th of May, so I'd guess it's that that's caused it.
  2. If you can’t fix it with cable ties, you’re not using enough cable ties.
  3. Those Focususes used to suffer from water ingress into the GEM which could cause a battery drain. Is there any sign of corrosion on any of the pins or connectors?
  4. Is it possible the spacers were bought from the US? Could explain them being imperial. If it were me i’d get a half inch breaker bar from Halfords. That’ll most likely do the job and you can always put a scaffold bar or something over the top if you need more oompf. Waay cheaper than a decent battery impact gun.
  5. I have heard that a new software update has been released for the TCU recently. Haven’t yet had a chance to see if it works or confirm if it actually exists.
  6. I'm pretty sure the 24 pin is speaker output, CAN lines, power, ground etc. I have a 2011 Focus with the early bluetooth/voice control. It's got nav with the 5 inch screen, just isn't the Sony system.
  7. The main thing is that you can't have an LED or HID bulb in an a halogen lens, it has to be the projector type. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-private-passenger-and-light-commercial-vehicles/4-lamps-reflectors-and-electrical-equipment#section-4-1-4 The MOT rules are here. Unfortunately they're often quite vague.
  8. I believe the other one is for audio input from the SYNC module. On another note... when you do manage to get all this sorted, would you be up for selling your old ACM and FCIM?
  9. It really depends if you get a good one or not. If you’ve got to 54,000 miles without any problems you’ll probably be ok.
  10. As TomsFocus said it’s quite a common issue on these diesels, due to a resonance on the clutch. Normally gets worse once it heats up. A new clutch should sort it, but i don’t think leaving it would be detrimental to your gearbox. If it’s a B6 gearbox then the bearings are more than capable of f-ing up all by themselves.
  11. That TSB is for S-max/Galaxy/Edge only. And refers to full LED lamps rather than xenons. I would recommend people remove their headlamps and have a look at the wiring inside. Because the lenses move around they can chafe the wiring which causes these kind of faults.
  12. You will need to get an activation/learning tool. Normally on Fords to activate the TPMS training is as follows: With ignition off... Press brake pedal once ignition on ignition off ignition on ignition off ignition on press brake pedal once ignition off ignition on ignition off ignition on ignition off ignition on The horn should sound and “train left front tyre” should be shown on the cluster. Use your TPMS tool to go around training your TPMS sensors. Front left, then front right, then rear right, then rear left. The horn should sound after each sensor has learned successfully. When finished “training complete” shows on the cluster.
  13. I can see why people go for PCP. You can quite often get 0% apr, have all the shiny new features, don’t have to worry about repair costs or MOTs. It kind of feels like cars are becoming more like a subscription service or mobile phones these days. I don’t think I’d ever go for it though. For me it doesn’t represent enough value. And i’d rather own a car after i’d been paying x amount a month for it.
  14. Cambelt is due at 126,000 miles or 10 years on those.