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  1. It’s more a case of these cars don’t have enough power to spin often under ‘normal driving conditions’ unless your tyres suck 😝 my remapped F30 330d kicks the back end out if you touch the accelerator more than lightly in anything but dry conditions though 😉
  2. I’ve got a 1.8i with Michelin’s on and dont have any wheel spin issues under normal Driving this time of year.
  3. Mpg could be poor if the engine thermostat needs replacing and the engines running a bit cool and you do a lot of short journeys as well.
  4. Yeah, Because my Focus is only a cheap run about (not my main car) I might not bother changing it since it’s a pig of a job. The heaters blowing nice and hot after a few minutes driving in cold weather, so unless the mpg starts taking a big hit I’ll live with it. Mines not running quite as cold as yours was at the moment though. cheers.
  5. How much did he charge to change it? can you let me know the fully warmed up running temp in the dashboard test menu after replacing it please. Cheers
  6. Gibbo I have the same 1.8 petrol engine as you in an 07 plate Focus. Mine is running a little cold as well .. the dashboard test mode menu shows around 115c-117c once fully warmed up after good run. I believe it reads approx 40c higher than the actual temp so should read 130c.
  7. If the dipstick is actually loose that could be the problem and a simple cheap fix, but generally if the dipsticks popping out whilst driving it’s usually a sign the crankcase pressure is too high!
  8. I wouldn’t have thought a couple of dead glow plugs would cause this much of a problem unless it was -20c outside. I think you have another problem going on with the car here unfortunately.
  9. Normally I would agree, and I wouldn’t have spent the money the OP has so far fixing a car of this age,.. but.. the OP has practically rebuilt the car already since he’s had it .. I mean, what’s he spent on the repairs so far almost 3k? He’s kind of past the point of no return now, think I’d try and get it running right now as long as it’s not going to cost a lot more than already spent.
  10. Or there’s always these guys https://www.revtronic.com/product/ford-focus-instrument-cluster-intermittent-power-blinking/
  11. Hooded


    Not all budget tyres are equal, some are not too bad and can rival midrange tyre performance if you do your homework. For example roadstone eurovis sport 04 are quite a decent cheap tyre.