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  1. Did anyone ever see that lad again? 😄
  2. Find an experienced expert at remapping Fords. Someone who’s capable of writing their own maps rather than just uploading a generic remap file. If it was a BMW I’d recommend Emaps or BW Chiptune to sort this out for you, but I’m not up on the Ford tuning.
  3. Best I could find, but I find it generally covers the things I’ve had to look up about my UK car still.
  4. http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/catalog/owner_guides/09focog2e.pdf
  5. Which remap company did you use? A decent tuner should be able to flash the car back to stock first if it’s already been remapped before.
  6. Check the coolant isn’t a funny colour to begin with.
  7. On My 2007 car it goes off roughly 20 minutes after locking it.
  8. Good luck .. hope it doesn’t cost too much.
  9. You really need someone to inspect the DPF and see if it’s still intact. If it’s intact and not removed the garage could try forcing a regen on the car since you’ve only had the remap a few weeks, but as said above it might be already past the point of no return now for that and could require removing and cleaning properly.
  10. Agree, cut your losses with the rouge tuner and take it to someone who knows what they’re doing. They should be able to put the car back to standard and run diagnostics to see if there’s any other problems with the car that could be causing high emissions or if it’s had the DPF intervals removed etc. If all is ok they should then be able to tune it properly so it passes an MOT 😉
  11. Could just be a bad tune, over fuelling or something, but that emissions reading is very high for a car with a working DPF, so could be worth investigating that as well. If the DPF is still in place a really bad tune that fails the emissions test won’t be doing it much good either and could prove costly. My 3 series is allowed a maximum of 0.50 on the emissions test according to the label on the car but with an intact fully working DPF it had an emissions reading of 0.00 on the 2 MOT’s its had so far, and thats remapped to 325bhp by a well respected tuner who knows what he’s doing. Always do your research before letting anyone tune your car.
  12. Get it put back to stock and emission tested again. If it fails something else is wrong with the car, if it passes get it remapped again by someone reputable. For a comparison my 5 year old 330d is remapped and passes the MOT emissions test with a reading of 0.00. Has the DPF been removed off your car or something?
  13. Surely it’s easier these days to just pay for it instantly online rather than send off a cheque by post. Then you just keep the email confirmation after making payment. As mentioned already check with your bank if they’ve cashed the cheque yet because Post can get lost.
  14. If they recharge the system make sure they put some dye in so it’s easier to find the leak later if there is one.