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  1. As you may have seen I am going through a major service programme for my Grand C-max. As it is now 6 years old and with 46000 miles on the clock I am looking to change the Powershift transmission fluid and filter (it has been changed previously 3 years ago). Ford have quoted £350 to do it, another local automatics specialist have quoted £300. I have seen that in fact it is quite an easy process and I can buy the genuine Ford fluid, filter and hire a ramp at a garage for 2 hours for around £215.00 and do it myself. Is it worth me saving the £85 or do I leave it to the experts? Also what torx bit do I need to remove the undertray protector thing and what size socket does the filter take. I know the fill, drain and level plugs are 8mm allens. Thanks in advance
  2. Yeah rear discs. So technically I shouldn't have to touch the handbrake adjustment wise then? If I do ever have to take up the slack where is the adjuster? Am I right in thinking it is under the front section of where the arm rest is, in front of the cup holders?
  3. How easy/expensive is it to re-gas the air con on my Grand C-max? Is it a similar cost to buy the kit as it is to pay some one to do it? Also is the handbrake on my car self adjusting? (2013 plate). Or does it need adjusting manually and how would I go about doing that. The handbrake works fine and comes up 6 clicks on the ratchet so it may not need doing. Thanks in advance
  4. Sound advice. I drove the car at the weekend and I think the noise is indeed just a bedding in issue as the sound is now a lot quieter and also a lot longer into the travel of the pedal before it happens if at all. In fact, for one journey the sound was not there at all and the pedal felt a lot firmer as well. I was trying to remember if I have ever driven a car with brand new pads and discs before and I don't think I have so certainly a learning experience. Thanks to all the replies and suggestions. What a great forum
  5. So it's not the wheel nuts that were the problem!! Although the Ford ones were a slightly different taper to the eurocarparts ones.
  6. That's my next job. Really hoping this sorts it
  7. UPDATE - when we had the wheels off originally we noticed that the wheel nuts were all past their best and agreed that i should change them at some point. The ones on the OSF front wheel (the one with the knock sound) were ruined so I picked up some replacements from Eurocarparts. I have had a closer look and i think that the taper on the bolt is slightly different. They tighten up the wheel sufficiently but perhaps the disc isnt completely snugged up hence the knocking sound. In terms of hardware the nuts are the only different component compared to the other wheels and they are on the wheel that is knocking.
  8. Had everything off and checked and double checked the torques etc but the knock is still there. The outboard pad has a miniscule amount of vertical play and I mean tiny. Could that cause a continuous knock under braking?
  9. Yeah still haven't had a chance to get the wheel off and check all the torques etc again. I'm hoping that should solve the problem along with double checking the installation of the pads.
  10. Would this just go away on its own then once the disc is a bit more worn? I will see how it goes, but I think I will do a check of everything again with the wheel off to make sure.
  11. There were no springs inside the caliper from the old pads etc. I know the ones you mean though, flattish silver ones that sit inside the tracks that the pads move in and out on. The only springs were on the rear of the inboard pad that grip the inside of the piston. The spring I was talking about is the big one that fits on the outside of the caliper and the carrier. Something like this: Obviously not for a Golf but if this isn't put back correctly (it was the hardest of all 4 wheels to reseat) could there be some play causing the knocking?
  12. Had this myself and it was the fuse. Keep a couple in the glove compartment now as it happened at the dealership when I bought it.
  13. I meant if the spring that sits on the outside of the caliper isn't on properly would that cause a knock?
  14. I'm going to take the wheel off and just check everything over. Would the anti rattle spring cause a knock? If it isn't quite on correctly would the caliper knock when the brakes are applied heavily? I don't have a disc retaining screw in my discs
  15. Could it be that simple? Also it is only one wheel so why not the other pads as well. If it is a bedding in issue how long would you expect the pads to bed in fully