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  1. Cheers mate I've tried reuploading again not sure if it'll work definitely different to what I have.
  2. Do you have any video or articles links... would be an interesting read
  3. 100% agree That's the IRS pic I captured of my ST Line I remember seeing another member uploading a pic of the focus with the twist beam suspension but cannot find it I suppose the only benifit of the twist beam would be less to go wrong, less to replace
  4. Yeah but upping the price on the range and replacing a superior part to a lesser part is not cool. Also all reviews that rave about the excellent handling pertain to the mk4 with IRS on release not on the twist beam rear suspension. I can confirm thankfully my 68 plate 1.5 ecoboost does indeed have independent suspension. The below is an article from Australia but interesting read, make of it what you will... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.goauto.com.au/amp/ford/focus/why-most-ford-focus-models-ditch-irs/2018-07-24/74335.html
  5. That's good to know thanks for the response. I find this so strange of ford considering a competitor like honda now has IRS on both the 1.0 & 1.5 civic I thought the idea was continuous improvement not moving backwards???
  6. Is it a powershift automatic transmission? I heard there are issues with this gearbox but I'm. Open to being corrected. Do a Google / forum search on the transmission
  7. Hi guys I have a 68 plate focus mk4 1.5 ecoboost ST Line I have read on the forum that the Independent rear suspension has now been repaired with twist beam suspension from 2019 I don't have my car to check but would my earlier st line models have this in the 1.5 petrol engine Thanks
  8. I hear differently, on hybrids its a good system as its powered differently. however on a petrol I don't see the real benifits other than a small amount of petrol savings I remember seeing some tests done on YouTube which showed wear on parts
  9. Il refrain from adding a catch can at this point il use a boroscope once it's done some miles
  10. Ahh i see, because the mk4 is port and DI does build carbon on the injectors like the DI only engines?
  11. Thanks guys I learn something new everyday. I'm starting to show my age
  12. I heard stop start prematurely wears out the starter motor and puts Wear on the engine I always use auto hold especially in London driving unless I'm gonna be sat for long periods of time I go netrual and parking brake on
  13. Cool it's rather noisy definitely reminds me of tappet noise on older engines maybe it's the design and characteristic of ford engines
  14. Mk4 1.5 ecoboost in auto Has anyone notice clicky/tappy noise from engine between 2500rpm to about 3500rpm? Gets faster as I rev or drive spirtitedly Is this normal? Someone mentioned its the high pressure fuel system
  15. Yep mine is the same to. Love the car and mostly use the auto hold. Must be a characteristic of the car this seems to be the concensus. That being said its an excellent drive and taking some getting used, this is my first auto