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  1. Problems with steering Door protector that's broken Seatbelt fastening warning that hasn't been corrected despite 2 times me leaving the car at the dealer, with the last visit resulting a scratch across the dashboard (dealer admitted liability once 'I' pointed it out). This is my first ford and probably my last I'm already thinking to exchange this car for a Civic or a Leon 290
  2. Does the mk4 use power steering fluid? I believe the system is electric and not hydraulic
  3. I'm sure I'm not imaging things but recently have noticed that at relatively low speeds the steering feels heavy and that is a light judder when turning the wheel right as I accelerate... but this goes away when I pick up speed. Has anyone experienced this issue?
  4. I use it all the time, would it be better option to constantly place the car in N and apply the handbrake Everytime you stop?
  5. Now a crackling sound when turning right or left when stationary... Is this rack noise normal? Does this when in D
  6. Yh that's potentially the case I didn't notice it today tbh Although one of my rear tyres was low on pressure perhaps this can have an effect to. Its going in next month to correct a door edge protector and a seatbelt fastening sensor il ask them to run it through a scan tool to see if any faults are thrown up Fluid looks correct and there's no leaks present from what I can see I'm aware previous generation ford's has steering issues I'd like to think these are corrected on the current model
  7. Nice one, can't say I noticed in sports mode is there a list of updates for the mk4 Etis doesn't show any update for my vehicle accept the brake booster Software unless this is something to do with it?
  8. New problem I noticed this morning at very low speeds intermittently if I turn the wheel right or left there is a juddering sensation, my alloys are mint and car has not been bumped over speed humps or potholes. No warning lights on show. Could it be the recent wet weather that is affecting this? Its only hit 5000miles any idea what this could be or what I should be checking?
  9. http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/home.do;jsessionid=0SovFtMT18o62RdLKKicMq-rTJhp6MyIWJ_uIuAl.fcvas1901f This is the link I used...
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it was petrol to I kno previously the Honda civic 1.5 had this issue
  11. That's strange Ive got a 1.5 ecoboost but I didn't get a TSB for oil dilution? Instead I got a TSB for brake booster Software
  12. Good question il ring the dealer this afternoon and report back
  13. Hi guys I've checked on the ford recall website for my mk4 St line 1.5 auto and it is showing the following recall. 'Electronic brake booster Software' Has anyone had this or any idea what this is?
  14. Is this a common fault on all mk ford focus? See so many members are blighted by this issue
  15. I got a mk4 and S/S works intermittently however I personally don't like the system and wish it was disabled permanently. I like yourself have a dashcam hardwired with parking mode but it's been running sweet over the last two months. However I will also be getting a voltage meter to keep a close eye on matters