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  1. Thanks. Mrs just said it came on when she moved her seat backwards. Anything I can do to avoid this happening again? Tape them up? I will look when I get home Thanks again
  2. Hi guys, Do you guys know if this is a common issue on the SMAX? Wife's gone to pick the kids up and the lights come up on the attached photo. Thanks
  3. Washed the car and noticed the attached in pictures. Was gutted. At first I thought I will self repair and the realised maybe I could seek a replacement from you guys or if you knew anyone breaking a silver SMAX? Unsure how it even happened to be honest. I have been quoted a professional repair of £165
  4. Hi guys, I have had the car for around two weeks now. Purchased for my wife. We have a history of high performance petrol motors. Focus ST, M3, currently a M140i also. Anyway, have filled the tank with nearly £80 worth of fuel, I have done around 75 miles from reset and the fuel tank is saying there are 240miles left to go! This is the same engine I had in my Focus ST. So I am genuinely shocked it drinks this much. The mpg is also stating 17mpg. And I am not hooning around. How accurate are the mpg figures in the Smax? I might get it looked at. What sort of range are you guys getting for this model? I have decided to run the tank down to pretty much zero to get an accurate figure for the total range. All local driving and a lot of stop start and the odd 120mile round trip once a month is the current style. If anything it shows you how much the modern petrols have moved on in terms of mpg. The M140i barely falls under 28mpg.
  5. Upon lifting my foot of the accelerator there is a 'squeak' coming outside of the cabin. Like a flap or something is closing.
  6. Hi, Just noticed this tonight and it is a tad cold. When lifting the foot off the acceleration pedal there is a definite squeak noise. It's like a squeaky letterbox flap. LOL Is this normal for the turbo on this car? I have only had the car a week. Thanks
  7. Hi, It's EF60 BAU. The car feels mapped already. Which may be the case Thanks
  8. Hi guys, Picked up a 2011 240 PS Ecoboost over the weekend in Titanium X spec. Surprised there are no real cupholders in the rear or heated seats but hey ho. I also am unable to find a record of the power shift box being serviced. The one thing I have noticed is the steering is very loose and wobbly at times. I am hoping this is down to alignment and therefore I am taking it to the local outfit i go to each time i purchase a used car. Does anyone else have this issue at times? Thanks