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  1. Jacked car up. The wheel spins but makes a grinding noise when it get so far round. Does this mean the brakes, or something inside the drum, is too tight?
  2. Cjay1 - how do i know if it is dragging?
  3. Hello, does any one know the correct number of clicks on eco boost handbrake? Mine has 2 - 3 and wondering if this means the handbrake is over tight?
  4. My car is constantly steaming up internally since service. They apparently changed the cabin filter - could this be he issue? Could they have installed the filter incorrectly or not at all? Any thoughts?
  5. Car recently had service and engine been loud since. A noise appears to be coming from the charge motion control valve actuator - its a fast ticking noise - similar to a noise of a cricket! The engine also making is a chugging noise when idling but it stops completely when the clutch pedal is pushed to the floor. The car is also surging at low revs, at around 5mph. Take foot off the accelerator and the car just keep going at a constant 5mph and then surges. Exhaust smoke also seems excessive but that could be due to the time of year and cold starts. I thought the exhaust fumes sm
  6. Was 10mm overfilled. Air filter was changed (however car is steaming up internally - did not do this before service as often). Spark plugs were changed during service. The hanging revs weren’t there before- as soon as i lifted pedal the car would slow very quickly - now it keeps going! Could this mean something? Garage drained oil taking the level to the max on dipstick. A week later i checked it and the level was between the min and max - took it back in and they added 250ml oil and told me keep eye on it. I’ll check level tomorrow. Not sure if its burning oil - cant see any oil
  7. Do you know what the approved excess level is in litres? I must say the engine appears to have developed an additional sound after the service (which included a spark plug change) and the car appears to go faster, especially uphill and seems to continue to drive when I take my foot off the accelerator. Not sure if these are good things. i’m intending on keeping the car but dont think i will give that particular dealership the fluid change work.
  8. Do they actually work? is it work getting emissions tested - will that indicate a problem potentially caused by the oil being overfilled?
  9. It’s a Ford dealer but to be fair I asked them about the risk of them snapping. They want to do the work but they messed up my service by overfilling the engine oil and I think the engine now sounds louder and the exhaust seems to be emitting more smok but the mornings are colder so it could be due to that. I’m no mechanic so wont be attempting to do any DIY myself.
  10. I will try and do that tomorrow and upload. Could also be described as a rattling sound. Garage though there maybe something loose but couldn’t see anything obvious.
  11. thank you for the replies. The brakes do seem ok and I drive fairly lightly no the brakes - 10 miles to work each day through country roads. Has anyone had a problem with bleed nipples snapping during brake fluid change on a 3.5 year old car?
  12. My car has started making a random jingling type noise. It’s a 2016 fiesta eco boost. Noise is similar to that of a light bulb being shook with a broken filament. It happens randomly usually at lower speeds. Happens when I change gear or take foot off accelerator but not all the time. Checked at recent service and garage said could not find anything loose or could replicate the noise - anyone have any idea what it could be?
  13. Update - i took car back to Ford dealership and they re-tested boiling point - still 320 degrees Fahrenheit. I asked if this means i need it changed - tbh they were useless saying it depended upon the water content and I could only find this out by getting it tested at a chemist. This from a Ford trained technician. He then said if the nipples break i would need new cylinders costing £100 each! So at 3.5 years old, no brake fluid change as yet, and boiling at 320 degrees Fahrenheit / 160 degrees Celsius do i need this changed?
  14. Yes they took the oil out to below the minimum. Engine is making a chattering noise so I’m taking it back in tomorrow. Also, the car seems to continue to move on its own (a little ) when I take my foot off the accelerator. Any ideas anyone?
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