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  1. You are right - its overdue. Will get it done in next couple weeks (only done 3,000 over last 6 months and I keep checking oil level which is fine). Unsure whether to take to main Ford dealer as when I called for price they offered a reduced service saying some things in the major service I may not want to get done - very odd I thought! Going to book it into another Ford dealership for a major service as per Fords service schedule plus get brake fluid changed. Major service includes changing spark plugs - thought spark plugs would last longer than 33K miles?
  2. My fiesta is due a service. I Keep checking the oil. Last service was 18 months ago and oil level still between min and max - about half way on indicator. Engine seems does not use a large amount of oil. Last service approx 11000 miles ago - currently has 33000 mile on the clock.
  3. What is the best product to clean alloys? Front alloys becoming very difficult to clean and seem to have a orangey residue on them which wont come off. Which alloy cleaner will remove this without damaging the alloys?
  4. Thanks everyone who replied. I’ve ordered the summer continentals now - fitting on Tuesday. When I looked at ATS, Halfords, Kwik Fit etc very few all season tyres were available so just gone with summer Continentals. Let’s hope we have a mild winter! With regard to the back tyres the existing continental will probably need replacing soon - at that point I’ll replace both with the same Continentals and use the Event as a spare - does anyone know where I can buy spare alloy wheel from - 16 inch and cheap? I’ve read that if I get a steel wheel, to use as a spare, the tyre size will be different and I cant use my Event tyre - it will be redundant. So I need spare alloy or I need to buy steel wheel and yet another tyre.
  5. I would appreciate some advice. My front continental tyres (premium contact 2) on my fiesta need changing. I’ve researched the options available at the main tyre outlets and as usual their are mixed reviews. I drive to work through country roads so want a tyre that has good grip in the wet and dry, good wear and is safe. The continentals have lasted 33,000 miles on the front which appears reasonable. Can anyone advise which tyre I should get - the same - Premium contact 2 or are there better tyres available?