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  1. I haven't personally tested this but supposedly you can use a 19101 or 19200 etc autoinstall.lst (not reformat.lst) and "upgrade" (technically downgrade) from 19274 to 19200/19101 then use the reformat tool for whatever reason
  2. JUST FYI guys i have just updated the guide to include Non Nav EU and Non Nav US, i haven't tested this but based on my research it should only be voice, dab, app and grace notes. so this is what is included in the packs. direct links also available.
  3. these are firmware VBF files to update low level firmware in your car components.
  4. yes you can remove the lines for the map and other non relevant files from the reformat.lst
  5. what do you mean by reboot, car off and on or a hard reset?
  6. just checked, don't have the wire cba to do the full loom install so nevermind,🙂 Already have a reverse camera anyway just thought it would be cool to have, i'm trying to do all the ST3 extras as retrofits.
  7. would rather not ask the dealership, find them pretty useless. I guess my question is really... I have a facelift ST, assuming i have the wire which i haven't checked yet, are the only things required the sensors, the loom the control unit and the sensor retainers? or is there something else that i'm missing, Also do i need 4 or 6, i can only fit reverse as the ST doesn't have front sensors at all
  8. Yes, I have read this thread through multiple times I am not the type of person to just ask for help immediately. I however am still struggling to find what I need. I try to help the community rather than take from it but i just wanted some confirmation.
  9. has any one got some part numbers i can look up, i've tried for the past few hours to find the relevant stuff but no luck, i've got the module part number but struggling to find the harness and clips or whatever, i haven't check my car yet as it's dark when i go to work and dark when i come home lol, will check the weekend before i actually order anything. Also does any one know if like the ford kuga, ford s-max, etc sensors and loom will work, part number is like ag9t-15k868
  10. Don't think we are going to get this build ever, i believe its for 18 plate and above only.
  11. Haven't had time to read the whole message but no the new build doesn't have that option still.
  12. Haha, thanks so much 😀 I have just massively overhauled the guide and added direct links for EU, UK and USA AIO packages and seperate ford links for all of the 3 regions aswell.
  13. you can downgrade via autoinstall.lst just not with the reformat tool and reformat.lst, atleast thats what i read, i haven't tried it myself yet.
  14. Not personally but i know it works, only thing is it blacklists the reformat tool, a downgrade is needed before you can re use the reformat tool. Just uploaded a zip file at the bottom of my guide for a easy install.