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  1. I'm far down in the south west so can't help
  2. with direct hardware access like i know you and i both have we can modify it to make it work correctly.
  3. to update navigation yes, for no nav models no.
  4. It's not a bug because the Ford focus in the UK never had climate control on sync enabled, they clearly knew it didn't work and rather than coding a fix to swap the 2 sections they just disabled it on our cars.
  5. my understanding is that the hardware on the focus isn't reversible but on other cars it is.
  6. you probably already sorted this, but yes that will work. i don't tend to check the many forums discussing this guide that much, discord and fb would be quickest.
  7. have you enabled radio logs in forscan?
  8. I have now got 2 out of 3 fixed, 1 hasn't been in contact much / tested much. it 100% is AsBuilt related in Forscan / UCDS 🙂 confident to say it's fixable should you experience the GPS issue aslong as you have forscan and any ELM327 adapter that can read APIM
  9. Not sure if you want to add another note saying i have managed to recover it and it seems to be related to asbuilt data on retrofitted APIMs, if your car is factory with sync 3 you "should" be fine.
  10. UPDATE guys, i have managed to fix my GPS issue , It's unclear exactly what fixed it by i reflashed calibration VBF files and i re did my AsBuilt from scratch based on some of my previous backups.
  11. yes i would expect the same, only stronger signal item name can be anything file name ofcourse needs to be right. hmm i think this is the issue as a lot of people don't use built in GPS, i have started a form to gather information https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJ97wfdyvp_t-DK8O55Wvi672ViwxPamFnxt6dYJ1IvX-KmQ/viewform That said it's been ages and mine still doesn't have a GPS so something is definitely up with it Please could people fill this form in
  12. No worries, really not quite sure whats happened in these 3 cases, trying to compile a spreadsheet of sucessful flashes along with what hardware they have etc, would any one here be willing to contribute to a google sheet? Also added this warning to my guide.
  13. So guys as of right now we have 3 confirmed cases of "dead" GPS after flashing, 1 of them is myself, however obviously it never broke on the first flash, something has changed and it seems to have either software bricked or killed my GPS, there are 2 other people on the website reporting the same HOWEVER there are tens of hundreds of downloads and its clear this is only afffecting a few people, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. i think i will need to buy a new unit. hopefully one that doesn't flicker also 🙂
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