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  1. I have a 2007 1.6 tdci need to replace the studs are there replaceable without changing the whole hub as been told there not even tho I think it possible just looking for confirmation?
  2. Tookie

    Nut size

    Hi anybody know the size of the hub nut on a mk6 fiesta needing to do cv no doubt need a big enough socket
  3. It's for a mk6 1.6 tdci should of said that first 😂
  4. I've been quoted £366 to have my cambelt and water pump done would you consider this expensive? It's a mk6 1.6tdci btw
  5. Tookie

    Boss kit

    Would anyone be able to tell me if a mk1 focus boss will fit onto a mk6 fiesta seen few online that would suggest it does just wondered if anyone actually knew whether or not
  6. Bit of advice needed before I strip the door down to look anyway I put the drivers window up like normal when i got home as it hit the top it made a clunk sound the window will now not go up or down you can hear the motor when pressing the switches but nothings moving the window stays in place doesnt drop but I'm able to slide it up and down with my hands thoughts on the situation?
  7. Would anyone be able to tell me the correct size for the arb bushes I have a 2007 1.6 tdci zetec s if that makes a difference