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  1. Just a quick update, I've spotted something that could possibly be the culprit to the bad MPG. I've observed that the temperature gauge is never fully warmed up, and its off the mid mark noticeably. Can anyone confirm if this is normal? Could you guys check your gauges next time round and let me know if the needle is spot on in the mid-position? Bare in mind, I drive 100's of miles and it doesn't budge off the odd mark its at. (Also, the gauge would randomly drop a quarter and climb back up to its odd position. Even at motorway speeds. I think this may be to the air-con / heating controls I toy with but not 100% sure.) I used to own an old Volvo from the 90's and that had a similar problem and was resolved by changing the thermostat and the excess fuel consumption was eliminated. Mind you, this was a petrol and not a diesel, so not sure if there is a difference. Thanks!
  2. Hey, does anyone know what the difference between the years are? It seems the euro 4 and euro 5 engines can be found in the same chassis for example the Galaxy, however, the Focus jumped a generation between the two. Just wondering what makes one euro 4 and the other euro 5? Is it just the DPF/map?
  3. Thanks for the reply Tom. This is exactly my point, if I popped down in my old man's Omega (with a little style may I add) I'd actually SAVE money as its a tad more economical and petrol is cheaper in general. What a sad day. Nope, checked yesterday after I saw 27mpg. Went straight to the air pump, infact, it was slightly over-inflated by the tyre fitters. So I dropped them by 2psi to the correct level. Not like that's going to do me any good now, haha! No uneven wear that I can tell. The steering is spot on (I spent a few good pennies on wheels/tyres/brakes/alignment.) This is making me feel good and bad at the same time. Good knowing a learner car can manage 37 in the city (the 10% rule is pretty accurate here) but bad knowing I cant even manage that on the motorway. Just to confirm definitely not regen, no fans, no funny smells or smoke. The maths is spot on mate, my wallet confirms this! 😄 £37 (131.9/ltr) / 169 miles round trip. = 27mpg. To compare to your figures, I am burning over DOUBLE what you are. That's just insane.
  4. Hey thanks for the reply. Nope definitely not regen, I'm sure if it was stuck on regen you would see smoke coming out constantly? fans are off the moment engine goes off. Regarding the pump click, I'm sure I couldn't have put more fuel in anyway, as the tank is 55 litres so I'm 100% sure the clicks in the circumstance is correct. Tyre pressures are good, and the only weight you'll find in the car is the fatty in the drivers seat 🙂 The issue here is not the trip readout, its the real consumption @ 27mpg that's terrifying. My fathers Vauxhall Omega is a 3.0i auto and that does near 30mpg on the dual carriage ways! I want to bring the vehicle in for a diagnosis but its always good to go in armed with relative information with probable causes as this shortens the time in finding the problem quite significantly. If it wasn't for these forums, half of the issues I had before would have cost me double or even triple to have diagnosed.
  5. Jesus my man YOU have MY sympathy's. WOW. I would have lost the utter will to live after changing ALL of that for ONE problem and then STILL have it. I mean, I'm lost for words. Steering rack would be the final point of call but then what is the relevance? 😥
  6. Hey Tom, I'm well aware of the realities of reaching official MPG figures however I've always been relatively close. For example my first car was a MK4 Golf 1.9 TDI and the book figure was 64 and on long runs, I always managed to get at least 58 mpg. My next few cars were petrols and they all seem to reach the official figures with granny style driving (my old MK2 Focus 1.6 always stayed at 42mpg) I then owned a Volvo s40 1.9D with book figures of 62mpg and was always getting 55mpg+ on long runs so I know its usually 10-15% off the book figure. I was expecting around 55MPG at LEAST this being the power shift gearbox and what not, and I'm just disappointed for that reason. Regarding the fuel, this is the weird part, I can't see anything anywhere. No visible leaks etc. If I took it to a mechanic for them to look at, I wouldn't know where to point them too. Also, I double checked it was at the second click when I pumped the fuel. I always do that.The fuel gauge had just passed the final line, indicating a full tank. I'm really annoyed by my findings. I'm going to take the same trip on Sunday, so I will just have to run the test again but I'm pretty sure I managed to squeeze in 28 litres, and I know the tank was full from the last fill as I put in close to 47 litres of fuel.
  7. Hey, took a trip today that was a bit of a drive so I thought it would be a good time to do a proper MPG test. I brimmed the tank at my local petrol station and set off. Before I got to my destination I seemed to have burned through 1/3 of a tank of fuel which surprised me quite a bit. Thinking it was just the sender unit that was stuck or dodgy I checked my MPG readout (reset once tank filled) and I was sitting at 43MPG. I was somewhat disappointed to be honest as I drove like a nanny, 70% carriage ways, and about 30% A roads. The book figure is 64mpg so a little let down. My previous Ford Focus 1.6 MK2 did exactly 42MPG on a similar trip. Anyway, this is not the problem, the problem is, once I returned back to the same station, the same pump even, I brimmed the tank again and managed to fill £38 of fuel or 28 litres of fuel. The issue here is, the total trip was only 169 miles. Something didn't add up so I did the maths when I got home and it works out @ 27mpg!!! Can anyone clue me in on what's up with this? 27 MPG is just unacceptable! Recently I went through a massive overall of the whole car, I mean, literally everything that could have gone wrong... went wrong! Could there be a massive fuel leak somewhere? 😞 😞
  8. Thanks for the posts guys, sorry for not responding quicker. Yea, shockingly enough the car has yet to cause me any trouble ever since. Although I can just... feel it... you know? It's coming! 😅 Any time now! 😅 There is however an odd noise from the passenger side, possibly suspension. It sometimes makes a slight shingle noise when going over speed humps. Sounds like a brace is a little loose and makes a click. I've also observed that the gearbox makes a clicking noise when you put it into reverse, have been told this is the gearbox mount that needs replacing. At this point it would make sense to replace the chassis, and buy some new 19 plates to match. Blah 😄
  9. Okay fellas, possibly some good news. A collogues brother is a mobile mechanic (under the agreement I'd pay him later if he could sort it) he came down to take a look. I left to run some errands, he phoned me an hour later to tell me he's sorted it, and that it was an airlock or something to that effect that caused the problem. I have no idea what that means, and when I got back he was gone as he had other jobs to attend. This is good news, but sounds bad. What is an airlock and how does it happen in the first place, also, how did he fix it? I couldn't ask him over the phone as I was over joyed. Also, I thought it be rude to get into details seen as he's essentially doing me a favour. I assumed he'd be there when I got back to follow up. Any ideas what causes airlocks? I just doesn't sound right that it happened randomly. I'm thinking there's and underlying problem somewhere. But I know nothing. 🙂 Edit: Google suggests that I ran out of fuel, but I doubt it. The fuel is currently low I agree, but the fuel light wasn't on. Another suggestion is there is a leak along the fuel system somewhere. If the car lasts another 2 weeks I'll take it to someone to have it looked at. Thanks guys!
  10. I'm utterly gutted fellas. The issue here is, I can't afford to take it back to the mechanic, I'm DEAD broke because of this car. My next payday I may be alright to pay for an inspection/diagnosis but that's about it. This car has literally ruined me. I posted here partly out of frustration, and partly in the hope that I may be able to find a solution. The car will sit dead for at least another 2 weeks. Maybe you guys could help me by suggesting things I should look out for to indicate another problem, other then compression loss. After some googling it has been mentioned that one of the tooth on the belt/chain could have skipped causing this problem. But would have no clue as to where to start looking. For example, what could explain the random sluggishness the day before? What about that weird violent shake that erupted the week before that, but went away? Could this be where the timing skipped? Devastated to say the least. I owned a used MK2 focus that had well over 220,000 miles on the clock with ZERO problems, the only reason I no longer have it is because it was stolen and then written off by some yobo's.
  11. Hey, No, to rebuild the entire gearbox with new clutch pack (power shift) and new solenoids with new macatronic is £1,900 including labour and V.A.T. As I had this recently done on my car. Any stories about 2.5-5k is a SCAM and needs to be avoided at all costs. I paid the HIGHER price to have it properly done. Anything more and they are ripping you off. There are only two specialists who deal with the powershift in London that I know of. One is called ALL GEARS in Rainham, and the other is London Automatics in Dagenham, which is where I had mine sorted. Hope this helps.
  12. Hey, Two months ago I made the silliest mistake of purchasing a 2011 (euro 5) 2.0 TDCI with the Powershift gearbox from a car auction. Within 24 hours the vehicle went into limp mode, had it diagnosed the next day = failed DPF. Okay, no problems, went ahead and had it replaced for £280 including labour. In the mean time I thought I'd treat myself so I had the car fully serviced, including a full valet with polish, followed by brand new Brembo brakes, Michelin tyres, and lasar wheel alignment = £550. The next day, the gearbox suddenly slipped as I floored it into a roundabout. The revs went up all the way to redline and just STUCK there. I pulled over, put it into neutral, and the car settled down. I barely managed to get it home, as it was refusing to change gears. Had it diagnosed at a gearbox specialist... Failed Powershift! Fine, so there goes almost 3 months savings, at a total cost of £1,300! Great, so back on the road, two days later suddenly the EML comes on. Restarting the car solved the problem for a few hours but it reappeared. So I reluctantly took it to have it diagnosed.... EGR faliue. Mechanic offered to clean it instead of replacing it, so he stripped it down and made it look like new again. £180. FINE, so what ELSE could go wrong? Nothing... Until the gearbox stopped changing gears! AGAIN! Took it back the the gearbox specialist... Failed Mechatronic! FFS!!! Okay, so ANOTHER £700 later and a brand new unit fitted! ALL IS GOOD! AND BETTER STAY GOOD! 😡 NOPE! Two days later, sudden loss of power under 2000rpm. Simply NO power. Dead. Nada. Audible whooshing noise, had it diagnosed, Split Intercooler Pipe. OKAY! £140 including labour. So far... so good. Until two weeks ago I hit the motorway and a pretty bad shake/vibration appeared around 50mph. Thinking it was just a balancing issue, I had it looked at. Nope, definitely not that. Took it to the mechanic... Failed Driveshaft / CV Joint! £240 including labour! 😈 Last week I went to start it in the morning to what sounded like an earthquake violently shaking the engine and then cut out. I tried to start it once more and it just turned over without hesitation. Smooth as a nut, as if nothing happened. I was completely dumbfounded. What in the hell was THAT? Took it to the mechanic after work, and he mentioned it could possibly be the Auxiliary Pulley and Belt that is failing which is a common problem and can cause random issues as such however, told me to bring it in next week as he is busy. I swear if one more things goes wrong with this car I'M DRIVING IT OFF A CLIFF !! 👿 yeaaaaaa... about that... Yesterday as I was driving back home, the engine got sloppy and sluggish, almost like loss of power, however no EML lit up so I drove it all the way home and parked it up. This morning as I tried to start it. NOTHING. Nada. Just cranks and cranks and nothing happens. Called out the AA and after checking everything, suggested it could be complete loss of compression in the pistons..... I want to die..... I now just want to DIE! I'm completely lost, and I'm on the brink of loosing it fellas. I truly am. I'm just sitting here shaking my head with no emotion what so ever. I think I'm dead inside. Someone, please... PLEASE send help.