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    Etis Ford says that only business's can register and use. Is there a 'Joe public' area?
  2. I've had my update, in and out again in no time and with a couple of other bits being looked at. Probably a while you wait job. ************* 2019 Ford Focus ST Line X 182 Auto.
  3. The Focus has been back to garage, had brake software recall done, had rattles checked and new sunroof parts on order. They forgot to listen or investigate the 'diesel' sound, but will look when they do the sunroof work. Still absolutely love the car, especially sport mode on manual padle shift 😀
  4. I have an ST Line X 182 auto with 3200 miles and have noticed a rattle like a diesel engine. Having started the engine and got out to get something from the boot I notice the rattle come from the nearside rear rather than the engine, so could just be a vibration. Car is going into the garage on 20th for a software update, so will ask them to have a look. I will report back.
  5. I have got an ST Line X with panoramic roof, what is a TSB and how do I find out more about it? Thanks Stuart ************* Ford Focus ST Line X 182 Auto.
  6. Are you pressing the right button? I only ask because on my Focus there are two buttons one above the other by the hand brake and when I first tried the active park I kept pressing the wrong button. I'm not suggesting you don't know what your doing, but I did make this mistake. Failing this, if you have a 19 plate then a trip to the dealership. Hope this helps. Stuart. ------------- Ford Focus ST Line X 182 Auto.
  7. But it isn't half good fun...
  8. Same vehicle, same thing happens in our car, no real biggy. A minor matter on such a brilliant spec car. Auto box is very good in all modes but enjoy the option of manual in sports mode.
  9. I have just got a ST Line X from Ford Direct, every option box had been ticked. 1/3 off and delivered to local dealer in five days. Couldn't be more happier. Will definitely get a FD again in future.
  10. Could it be auto wipers is switched on?