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  1. Absolutely spotless clean windows will also help. Microscopic moisture droplets attach to the dirt and dust on the inside of the screen causing the fogging. Getting it spotless is another story altogether.
  2. Are you using an official Samsung cable? I had similar issues until I used the cable that came with the phone.
  3. I think it is only available on the 'third rate html manual' or via the FordPass app. I stand to be corrected though. Stuart.
  4. I do know that the Police aren't over fussed by tax that is only just out, but they are interested in tax that is months out. Try and keep proof of postage, and any other evidence of purchase and you should be alright. DVLA systems do have a bit of a habit for not instantly updating.
  5. I have an auto Focus so think the app is brilliant. Cold mornings? Start the car up via the app so it has warmed up and ready to go, the opposite in Summer. I used in lockdown to keep the battery topped up. I use it to see how many miles I have done each month. I use it to send locations to the SatNav. Look it up indoors and it transfers when I get in the car. It sends me an instant alert if the alarm goes off. Really good thing, I would miss it if it wasn't there. I have the latest version and it shows oil life in % as well as expected date, tyre pressure, mileage and fuel. I really do like FordPass, but not entirely sure it would be as good on the manual as remote starting is the headline feature for me. Stuart. 2019 Focus ST Line X 182 auto.
  6. That was it. Thank you for looking and taking the trouble to upload, much appreciated.
  7. Perfect, thank you, I didn't realise there was a brochure with the Active as 'coming soon'.
  8. Hi, Thanks for uploading that, I hadn't seen that before. The brochure I was after is the pdf version of picture 1, which only has the ST Line and ST Line X in the "sport" section (picture 2). The most recent version (picture 3), which I have downloaded from Ford website includes the full ST. I hope this makes sense?? Cheers. Stuart.
  9. Hello, Does anyone have a PDF copy of the original MK IV Focus brochure, the one that hasn't got the ST model in. If so, would it be possible to upload a copy to this forum. Many thanks Stuart
  10. I have got an ST Line X auto. Love it. This was my first choice. My very close second choice would have been the Active. There is one round the corner and it looks really nice. Ive only driven an MKIV ST Line X, so can't comment on other specs, but have driven every MK of Focus and found them to be good drivers, I can't imagine that the Active would be one car in 20 years that doesn't drive well. So, looks good, drives well, if you can get one within your budget... Get one is my advice...
  11. Car Magazine.
  12. What was the font you used on the replica stickers? They have come out very well indeed.
  13. Very nice upgrade, well worth the money, looks good inside and out. They rattle but Ford know about it and there is a replacement part that will cure it.
  14. Enter reg or VIN and the basic info supplied will show the output.
  15. Who said the spouts were £7.00?? Our dealer has got a drawer full which they say no one ever asks for or wants. Try another garage is my advice, but if I had no choice then I would willingly pay £7.00 for the correct part. I wouldn't want to to poke any old tube down just in case something went wrong, in which case the £7.00 would seem the best investment ever!!