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  1. I bought a vignale one (it has the same clips as st lines) and it didnt fit as the clips are different. You have to change the bumper.
  2. 1.0 Titanium Ecoboost manual (68 REG) Many many issues. Worst one so far is the transmission. I was having problems with it earlier this year where it wouldn't go into gear etc but it was intermittent. Dealer would just blame me saying its got to do with my driving although I only go to work and shopping just normal city driving. 2 weeks ago, it completely broke down and whatever I tried it wouldn't go into gear. Ford told me they couldn't get it into the workshop till the 22nd. I contacted the customer relations and several emails were sent. I got them to finally accept the car. They diagnosed the car last week friday and it turned out to be the slave cylinder gone. Waiting on the new part which is going to come 1 month later. Absolute joke. No courtesy car was given until yesterday. It has been a complete nightmare with them. I had several electrical issues and the door control module had gone. I was to be blamed for this again but managed to get everything sorted out under warranty.
  3. Hi guys, Does anyone know if all bumpers across different trims i.e. titanium (my one), st line &st line-x will fit eachother i.e. I would like to put the st line-x front bumper on mine? If yes then are they all wired the same and all I would need to do is activate certain features using forscan? Can I also change the headlights? Are they wired the same way? I can use forscan to activate the features Kind regards
  4. I'd say it was just coincidence too as MrRedman stated.
  5. Just incase someone hits your car while unattended? Then atleast you got footage to see what happened and who done it?
  6. Once you open the fordpass app, (I'm assuming you have already linked your phone to your vehicle), go to the vehicle details section and wait a little. It will load up all the details i.e. the location, mileage etc. You would see it showing you the oil life in percentages, tap on it and you can reset it from there.
  7. Sorry my mistake 😁 misunderstood. That would be fine not to worry. If it was to drain it, it would give a figure below 12v.
  8. I'd suggest you check up what each fuse does on google for your specific focus. I've wired mine and brothers one to a 5 amp fuse and it's perfectly fine. Wiring to a higher amp may damage your dashcam in case of a fault because a 45 amp fuse would take longer than a 5 amp to break and may result in a permanent damage. Our dashcam is always on. My car was outside and I didn't drive for 5 days, everything was fine and started the car up normal. I doubt a dashcam would drain your battery as it has got a very low power consumption, only requires 5v to run.
  9. You can do it via the FordPass app or in the car if you go on the information menu within the dash, it shows you oil life, go to it press ok and once it shows you the value, hold the ok button and it will be reset.
  10. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. I checked my coolant and it still looks as red as it was. Would be alright till wednesday I guess.
  11. I would be getting that checked out. Thankyou.
  12. I wish I knew from before... I only thought about it as soon as I poured it in. How long do I have before it messes anything up do you reckon? I'm not using the car anyway until I take it to service on wednesday.
  13. I've booked a full service with halfords for next wednesday. Will get them to sort it out. I've done some more research and it appears that OEM Ford Antifreeze superplus is also glycol based?
  14. hi all, My vehicle was due for a service 2 days ago but due to covid-19 it did not happen. My coolant level was on the minimum level and it was the red colour. I've panicked and drove to shell quickly grabbed the only 1 left which was CarPlan Blue star. I've now poured in about 200ml of that mixed with the original red coolant which was in their already. Some people are saying it's fine, some are saying it will damage the engine (including the owners manual). I want to know some of your opinions/solutions to this if it is really and truly bad. I didn't know beforehand that mixing 2 colours may end up putting me into a bad situation till I poured it in and thought is it right to mix 2 colours..
  15. I've had make a booking to 25/03/2020... I hope they do under warranty, I paid all that money for a "brand new car". I took the car to my own mechanic to get the knocking sound checked out. Everything looked perfect. It's odd, I'll get them to check that out also. New car and it's already having mechanical issues. I'll keep you guys updated as I go along, let me know if you have any issues with yours. Kind regards