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  1. I have all climair deflectors on my mk8 and the logo is barely noticeable. Here's a pic.
  2. The revised ecoboost seems really interesting to me. As far as i can see in that picture the exhaust manifold is not located at the rear and the cams are driven by a chain (hence the new metal structure). I did some digging and it's already been sold here in Spain with the 95hp version of the fiesta. Needless to say the engine bay in the pic on this thread seems a lot more clean. Are there any sound clips of the new engine? I tried a 125mHEV puma titanium (yea no the st line sadly) the other day and it felt.. weird. My Fiesta ST-Line 125 feels waaaay more snippy and responsive even though i was using "sport" mode on the puma. 🤔
  3. Hey guys, I called for earlier today to ask them for an appointment to update my ACM module (audio control module) as per ETIS there is a 2020 update. I want to update the module to see if i can finally see the clock in android auto on my fiesta mk8. Well... After trying to explain that this is a firmware update and not a SYNC update they finally asked me for 80 euros for the hour of service. I mean, my mk8 has the ford protect 7 years extended warranty as is just one year old (wtf). Is it normal that they charge for these kind of updates? There are other modules that show a firmware update available in ETIS.
  4. Hahaha can confirm... When i picked up my mk8 last year the first thing i did was pull out my tire pressure gauge and my portable compressor to quickly set the pressures at the correct settings (I went with the older mk7.5 that i was gonna trade-in LOL). Tyre pressures were all over the place.. Like 35 , 43 , 55, 27 . Sigh. Attention to detail is what sets the standards at other places .
  5. Well, an induction kit is likely to only add noise to your fiesta. If you really want a performance gain go for the remap with a reputable tuner (try revo, best one i think). People in the forum have tried the complete mountune setup on regular 1.0s and almost all of them only reported increased noise with little to no gains for the money spent. Cheers.
  6. Searching on ETIS it seems that there's a 2020 update for our ACM module. I'll try to book with my dealer to see if this enables the clock hehe.
  7. Yeah.. it seems like they made the HW work better with the iphone. Graphic acceleration seems very fluid when connecting an iphone. I have note10+ and an iPhone XR. I hate it that the iphone just works better with my ford.. I've been trying to find any info regarding this topic but it seems to be a local problem (Spain cough cough) and other regions. It is really annoying that i can't check the time on the screen when using android auto. Maybe there's a SW update that can be installed at the dealership? I'll let you know if i ever find a fix for this. Greetings mate!
  8. Hello! Nice mod list you got there mate. Got any pics? I'm interested in your project. As for the oil cooler, you could front mount it with custom made brackets behind your radiator or even straight in front of it. I guess you're gonna take that mk8 to the track a lot, since for a daily driver this wouldn't be as crucial. Check out this link, it might give you some insights: https://www.howacarworks.com/modifications/how-to-fit-an-oil-radiator . Hope it helps.
  9. Hello! Could you send me the wiring diagram and a link for the wiring loom? I might be interested in doing this as well 😄 Thanks!
  10. You'd be surprised how people drive in Spain. There's always a BMW, VW Golf or Mercedes tailgating you hard even when you're just hanging on the right lane. I've found out that the best way to avoid those is to travel at night.
  11. I always use mine at max distance settings. It does work pretty well and once you get to know how it works then i can tell it is pretty safe. As with any driving assistance, this is an AID so you should never take it for granted. I always have my foot ready to brake when the ACC (adaptive cruise control) is managing to lower my speed or is about to stop my car due to traffic. One neat trick is that to prevent the car from suddenly braking when you want to switch lanes is just to put your foot on the throttle so you override and prevent a risky braking situation.
  12. Hello James, I've noticed that you asked the same in another post IIRC. You can place the muffler from the ST fiesta if it matches your existing pipework on your fiesta. There shouldn't be any diesel vs petrol difference for an exhaust muffler. What others suggested in the other thread, you can just cut the bent tail and add a decorative tip to fit the hole. Either way, just go to an exhaust shop and get it done there. I'm sure that it will be a 15 minute job. Greetings
  13. I had a MK7.5 100hp before and remapped it with BRPerformance Stage 1. Ended up with 142hp on the dyno and the difference on the road was insane. Also lowered fuel consumption at low "right foot" power. The gearbox never complained because i never missed a shift or never used full power at 1st or 2nd gears. If you can get a map that doesn't remove the torque limits on those lower gears then you should be fine. Or just drive it carefully. I'm looking forward to remapping my 125hp MK8 but REVO has no maps yet for the GPF version and I still can't decide if bluefin is really safe or not.
  14. I think hundreds of hours went into engine development in order to select a specific oil viscosity by Ford. Based on this, I would agree that the correct viscosity is the one that the engineers selected for a desired product. I would only use the oil that is specified for my engine and would not bother with trying anything other than that. The oil from Castrol or Motul has such high quality standards that i really doubt any issue could be found by using it. Also, I tend to trust Ford engineering team over any forum. Just my 0.5. Greetings.
  15. Umm it was listed under one of the module configs. I think it was on the instrument cluster module , sorry I can't remember the name atm. Auto-Lock is at Bdy module .