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  1. Hello! I have an auto with the 125 engine. I previously had a fiesta mk8 with the same engine but manual transmission. The car does not feel sluggish at all! I thought it was going to be way slower due to the extra weight but I think they remained the engine to compensate for that. Also the gearbox is awesome and it is actually the first auto car that I’d say is better than the manual counterpart. The drive modes do make a difference. On my fiesta the eco mode would only make the throttle sluggish or laggy but on the focus the auto mode makes the car drive super smoothly (I
  2. Alright, i got all the logos back. In case you end up like me with no logos, just format a usb stick (exFat) and add an autoinstall.lst file and a folder named SyncMyRide at the drive root. I ended up downlading the DAB logos using the cyanlabs downloader and edited the .lst file template i found up in the forum. ; ENH_DAB Update - Autoinstall Mode - Sync 3.4.20136 EU [SYNCGen3.0_ALL_PRODUCT] Item1 = ENH_DAB - 1U5T-14G658-AF_1598633324000.TAR.GZ Open1 = SyncMyRide\1U5T-14G658-AF_1598633324000.TAR.GZ Options = AutoInstall DAB File: 1U5T-14G658-AF_1598633324000.TAR.GZ Let
  3. Well I did get the log file generated and stuff but I’m missing the logos. Do I need to download the dab file using cyanlabs and trigger a manual patch?
  4. How can I get the radio station logos back?
  5. Just updated! Now my radio station logos are gone 😅 Only difference so far is that the Radio Logos should look different on the background and uh... maybe smoother animations? I'll try a master reset later to see if they come back.
  6. Make sure you have plenty of time to spare to perform the update. I updated to f9 yesterday and finished step one, but due to an emergency I had to stop step two in the middle of the update. It somehow “updated” as the maps were listed as F9 but I did not trust that. So today I went out and got to a place where I could park my car and started the step one procedure again. It took exactly 50 minutes until the pop up that says it finished step one and that a key cycle is required. Before I could even get out of the car the unit restarted itself and the “software update” banner appeared
  7. Hello! You don't need to perform a two-step operation in order to start your car. Just get inside, put your foot on the brake and press start (on auto gearbox). The same applies for manual, just press the clutch and start it up. On older vehicles we used to let the fuel pump prime when the ACC mode was enabled by the key before starting the engine to ensure a good start. I don't know if anyone noticed but on these newer fords (had a fiesta mk8, now a focus mk4) the fuel pump primes up when the driver's door is opened so that when you push the start button it is already done. Th
  8. Hello! I have the climair deflectors on my mk8 and they are a perfect fit for it. Make sure you did not get the 3-door if your car is a 5 one. Otherwise, you need to bend them slightly when putting them into the window rail, they will then adjust and fit perfectly. I also had them on my 3-door mk7.5 and the install procedure was the same. Make sure the end near the mirror fits as it is show on the manual pictures. EDIT: Make sure the version you are installing is for the mk8 and not the mk7.5 (I don't know the part numbers but you might have luck searching on ford's accesor
  9. Ah just as i thought. So it looks like i do know how to google then. Cyanlabs method ONLY works with APIM equipped ford models. In this thread we are discussing about sync 2.5 that came fitted on some ford fiestas, where all the software is loaded at the ACM module instead. The only method to upgrade this is a firmware update at the dealership (or via forscan, which i can't try unless i get a place to plug in my car and get the obdlink official cable). Thanks though.
  10. Um... @HLENNIE does your sync come with satnav? I've tried all methods, including cyanlabs (which did nothing on my car once i plugged in the USB drive). Your Fiesta might have an APIM module, which is why the cyanlabs loader worked for you.
  11. Oh my god! I need that update in my car! Is it available via a module update by the dealer? (I'm willing to risk them bricking my screen haha) Any other noticeable upgrades over the last version? Thanks a lot for following up the thread man!.
  12. Hey Da9L! Sorry to hear that your sync got bricked by the dealer. I didn't update mine since they would charge me around 100 eur plus some other things just to perform that single thing. I've been thinking that i could do it myself using forscan but i just can't be bothered anymore. Sadly i think that we got screwed with the sync 2.5 system that will never get updated and can't get a simple clock on android auto.. Please let me know if the new one that they install on yours does display the clock since that would mean that an update fixes the issue.
  13. I can definitely hear a difference at WOT , plus the recirc is clearly more audible.
  14. Just picture this, the stock airbox setup is good enough for the fiesta ST that produces 200 bhp. Any mods you do to this system will enhance sound and the overall throttle response (not by much) You can achieve 150bhp on an ecoboost 1.0 with the stock setup just fine, so just keep it as it is now :D. I'm running a panel filter on mine just for the extra sound tho.
  15. Hey guys, I bought a forge primary induction hose to use on my fiesta mk8 and it does not fit. I bought it used so no returns... I checked the forge website now and it is only listed under the fiesta mk7 category. Are the hoses different or am I missing something here?
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