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  1. 2020 thread bump 😄 Is it possible to change the boot screen on a sync 2.5 mk8? I enabled the MyView Performance screen, enabled auto lock and i really really want to get that sweet boot animation. Owners with 2.5 like me don't have access to any APIM module. Does anybody know any other module that might hold that config? Thanks!
  2. Your car will be just fine. If the turbine sustained any damage you would notice it immediately 🙂. Also, i guess WOT would've taken you to way higher RPMS so no engine lugging was sustained in the long term (also, dont worry too much about that lol)
  3. Thank you very much. Etis lists my car as Euro 6.2 and the build date is 23/11/2018 . Will check the door pillar later. This is sad :( i really wanted to remap my fiesta. I hope the filter never gives me any issue.
  4. Hi friends! I'm looking for a way to tell if my 125hp fiesta is the euro 6 or euro 6.2 version. My Mk8 is a 2019 ST-Line that i bought on march. I was not aware that there were different mk8 versions (euro 6 or 6.2) until i looked at revo and spotted that they just released the euro6 remap. My car might had been built by the end of 2018 but I'm not really sure. So as the topic asks, where can i check which fiesta version I've got? Thanks!
  5. You can’t make bhp assumptions based on the filter design. This would need testing with very specific equipment. Instant 15bhp from just installing a CAI? Cool story bro. Only “benefit” from a cone filter is a louder induction while sacrificing performance on a stock vehicle. The plastic air box is fine, it is dense enough to insulate the flowing air from heating. Carbon fiber is used on high cost vehicles for weight reduction while maintaining structural rigidity.
  6. Yea, I can confirm that the cable tie method works. Just do that and it will be gone.
  7. Hello guys, I'm trying to decide if its worth to purchase the primary induction hose from mountune. I've been searching around the internet for some before/after dyno figures or real world performance claims but i havn't been able to find any. Mountune states that by switching this hose, the airflow can increase by 17% . This sounds like a number that only applies to the hose itself and not the complete system. Also, they seem to include it with the MP140 that they apply to the MK8 STL on their HQ. Not sure if this is just to promote sales though. I'm looking for a little bit of induction noise and some performance gains. I have the 125hp version of the 1.0 ecoboost and i know for a fact that these engines do output more than the stated (had a 1.0 100hp before and remaped it to 150 and it actually logged 117hp on the stock measurement). Is it worth to get this or just skip and REVO the car once i got some decent mileage on it? Thanks in advance 😄
  8. Hello, I've had this issue before. It happens when the sound system crashes. Last time it happened my sync 2.5 system froze and i had to hard reset it. When it started back all the sounds were playing from a tiny speaker behind the dash gauges. Ford built that backup system in case the media player fails. It fixed itself back overnight since when i started the car next day all was working as intended. It hasn't happened again ever since.
  9. Try the mentioned zip tie fix. It will definitely remove that annoying noise. Better than waiting for them to make you wait and book your brand new car to do nothing to it lol.
  10. Go for meguiars ultimate wheel cleaner. Safe non staining formula that turns red when it activates. Just spray your wheels before washing, let it work for like two minutes and rinse. Apply only on cold wheels and please be careful with your eyes as this is dangerous if handled in the wrong way. Cheers
  11. I can also confirm this works! I own a 2019 125hp fiesta st line and since day one I’ve been hearing the buzzing noise behind the dash at around 1.8 to 2k rpm. I tried this fix yesterday just for the heck of it and now the noise is gone!!! Thank you very much! Greetings from Spain.