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  1. Hi have a mk3 focus headlights not working not bulbs tried bulbs but instantly blows fuse in glovebox..spots and low beams work fine just heads..any ideas what can be wrong ? Thanks
  2. Hi i have a 2011 focus zetec 1.6tdci mk3 with no sat nav just normal original spec radio/cd with bluetooth.. I saw on newer models ford they have a built in speed alarm that beeps and flashes and tells of every road speed and am interested in seeing how could i put it in mine or even just to upgrade the system to a ford nav 2 or 3.. My reasoning behind it is im 24 but have black box insurance thing in the car and would be so so handy to have the sat nav tell me the different road speed limits and have the gps speedo/ alarm nearly automatically in car.. Would really appreciate any help or assistance with this as im really hoping theres a easyish upgrade to suit my car.. Thanks in advance,John