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  1. Focus Mk2 Misfire

    Hi all, im currently suffering major engine problems the car is undrivable at the moment, it is misfiring very badly. It started earlier when it was stuttering here and there but ws still drivable so I took the leads and plugs off to check things over now it's a lot worse and basically sounds like a muscle car but goes like a tractor. I've started the car and left it idling and unplugged a ht lead one at a time and it appears cylinder 3 has a very very weak spark and the rpm of the engine doesn't change regardless of whether i have the ht lead of plug 3 or not however I thought 3 & 3 were linked and fire together? cylinder 2 has a good spark however, I've ruled out HT leads by trying a new set. I have come to this conculsion by listening to the sound of the spark in all cylinders 1 & 2 is noticeable where 3 is quiet. Coilpack??! I'm just finding it weird that cylinder 2 gets a good spark when cylinder 3 appears not to.
  2. Focus Mk2 Engine Rattle

    Hi all, some of you may remember my post a few weeks back about my Focus MK2's engine sounded a bit crap well I've managed to get a video of it. Sorry for the close ups of the dash all the time I was expecting it to come out on the vid which is didnt lol. for your info I was trying to show that although the temp needle indicates normal the digital temp reads 140*c! I also have a video of the car in action when I'm driving if anyone thinks it would help? FYI: Oil level on max, new plugs, engine milage 85k
  3. Hi all, My Foci is being a bit of a pain in the butt today, was driving at city speeds as I normally do, the temperature needle normally sits in the middle but today it decided to 'take a walk on the wild side' and put the sh*tters up me anyway, as it steadily creeped up past half way which it has never done before, thinking something major was wrong I swiftly pulled over and popped the bonnet, engine was fine didn't seem excessivly hot, cooling fan wasn't on plenty of coolent etc.. I started the engine back up and the same thing happened again.. I carried on driving a bit and the gauge carried on rising, I then bottled out just as it was about to reach the red just incase it wasn't bluffing lol. I pulled over again, took the cap of the coolant tank and squeezed the pipes, put it back on and now the gauge is fine again reading half way well just a pin head below it. However when I go into DTM the Engine temp is reading 140c! no sign of any overheating or unusual occurances though. Only notible thing thats developed recently though is the car sounds a bit crap when accelrating, like the old mk3 fiestas tappy engines. Any advice is much appreciated.