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  1. I did full tank to brim, according to calculations it's getting 40MPG in city which is quite surprising, this full tank lasted quite a while and it was pretty much all city driving. Guess that garbage MPG calculator is useless or broken.
  2. That is what is annoying, its getting MPG that some big engines get but for a 1.6 manual, naturally aspired 25ish MPG is rubbish lol
  3. Em I have done it before ages ago, could try again. I replaced the MAP sensor, was staying around 25.4, drove for 40 mins in city but let me see how the MPG is in few days since I only changed it today
  4. On motorway if I reset the trip counter it will go to about 40MPG at best but pretty much when I get back into city driving it will drop like a clock and go back to 16-22mpg
  5. Its not brake dragging, the car passed MOT twice since I've have owned it, without and advisories, the car drives good but it really does bug me into why its MPG is so poor, even if he drives it gently it doesn't make much difference and the reason I also think the trip counter is not that far off being accurate because its fuel gauge drops quickly, he has to refill quite often. I am gonna do fill to the tank brim and also replace the map sensor as its not much money.
  6. Yeah that is what I am gonna do now,
  7. Hi, my brother has a Focus MK2,1.6, HWDA, manual, 2005 and the fuel consumption is horrible, I have changed spark plugs, changed air filter, changed oil and filter, changed lambda sensor, cleaned/checked PCV, cleaned throttle body and cleaned MAP sensor but the trip computer shows 15-24MPG in city when apparently its MPG is supposed to be 32.5MPG. There is no fuel leaks, no vacuum leaks, the power steering pump was replaced few months ago as it was failing, core plugs were replaced 3 times since it kept leaking so had the cylinder head refurbished and fit new core plugs again, it still leaks s
  8. Thanks man and yeah there is not much space lol, I had to remove throttle body and map sensor but not too bad.
  9. Hi, I own a Ford Focus MK2, 1.6, 99BHP, 2005, HWDA and I want to remove my PCV to clean or replace if its bad but I am not sure how to remove it and don't want to risk breaking it, I heard you just pull it out but can someone who has done it before tell me if this is how its properly removed? See pictures below.
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