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  1. I don't know if it is possible to transfer the whole unit. What i have for mine is these LED bulbs.
  2. I have these, didn't take long to fit, you just need to make sure that they are fitted correctly. Also you need to check with your insurance because doing this can be classed as a mod.
  3. Has anyone done a long journey in a mk8. I have had my mk8 since mid October and max i have driven is about 50 miles in one go. In a few weeks im off to cornwall which for me is about a 350 mile drive. Has anyone do a journey of this length in a mk8? was it comfy enough? I reckon it will be comfier than if i still had my mk 7.5 titanium.
  4. For my fiesta dipped i have installed LED's that fit into the halogen holder from CEUK. For the main i have a pair of blue tinted Halogens. And i have just purchased LED fog lights from CEUK to match the rest. You can buy LED bulbs off Amazon (i just don't know how good they are)
  5. I bought a 128gb ultra fast micro sd card from amazon for about £16
  6. I have my camera placed right next to the rear view mirror on the passenger side and it views the whole width of the back window. I will admit it was a bit of a pain to get it into a position where the back camera gave me the view i wanted.
  7. Thats the one I have. Does a really good job and the rear cam add on is a nice to have as extra security if you get hit. I am also very happy with the video quality.
  8. Very interesting read. I didn't think mine would have cylinder deactivation, but maybe it does because its a late 2019 model.
  9. Mine is on. its always interesting to see which places they pick as highlights.
  10. I've not had mine shrink, but its just very fiddly and seems kind of pointless.
  11. I have the app for my Fiesta. I am on android and i still get oil life and tyre pressures.
  12. Hi All, I will be buying a membership soon, to help support the owners club and to also get that Halfords discount. Does anyone know if the discount can be used on tyres?
  13. Just a quick update, mountune are looking at doing a remap for the 140.