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  1. My app stopped working a couple of months ago. Might have to try and re install it haha
  2. My mums EcoSport has got an engine warning light on. We are hoping the sensor wasnt reset after it had its service a few months ago. We are going to get it checked out. It starts and drives normal. Does anyone know of any common faults on the eco sports that can trigger the engine warning light?
  3. I had the same decision to make coming from a 2014 1.0 100bhp titanium. Because i was getting my Car on PCP i found the st line x 140 to be good value. I have had no problems i got it mid October and done over 3000 miles in it. I love it, the styling is great, the interior is a bit sportier than the titanium (Which i like especially the red inserts and stitching). Also i like being that little bit lower down with the slightly lower springs (that dont seem to affect comfort from what i have noticed) And on the Mpg topic, i average about 42 mpg at the moment.
  4. I would not use eco mode, throttle response is very dull and feels like you have no power, plus you dont seem to get any better economy. The only time i use it is if i have cruise control set at about 75 - 80. Other than that It seems pointless to me.
  5. Hi All, I like to use android auto when driving because i prefer using Google maps or Waze than the ford navigation. However the downfall of this is that when i have my Girlfriend in the car with me she takes control of the music. And if she wants to do this she has to use my phone because when i am connected with android auto sync does not let me add a Bluetooth device to play music from, it will only let me use radio or through android auto on my phone! Has anyone else experienced this, and is this just how it works?
  6. I think the Top left read out is your average Mpg over the trip and the bottom left one will be the live readout.
  7. I wish my average speed was 40, maybe then i could get in the high 40s for ,my average mpg, rather than the 41 mpg i tend to average.
  8. I don't think it should make a difference. It just means that on a new/ nearly new car, if you end up having a total loss claim, then you will be able to get back the amount that you paid for your car. This is because normally insurance companies will only pay out the current value of the car, and your GAP insurance will pay the rest.
  9. Ive got GAP insurance on mine that i got in September. I have my car on a 4 year PCP so it was to give me full piece of mind. I used Motor easy for my GAP insurance where i have paid £195 for 4 years worth of cover.
  10. I updated sync on Wednesday night. Since the update completed the Ford Pass app no longer updates my cars details such as location, fuel level, mileage etc. Has anyone had this problem before?
  11. I was looking into blue fin for mine. But my insurance premium rises by like a grand if i do it...
  12. All depends on how you drive it, if its short journeys etc. My advice is dont rely on the expected miles until empty on the trip computer. In my fiesta sometimes it goes down by like 30 - 40 miles on a 15 mile journey, and other times it only goes down about 5 miles for a 15 mile journey. (both with the same driving style, conditions and route)
  13. I noticed that as well, but i have managed to find the new price list, on the ford website.
  14. Very interesting if that is the case, but it must add a decent amount of weight to the car. It just seems quite a big price hike. It will be interesting to see how this alters PCP monthly payments for all models.
  15. Glad I got my ST Line X last month, Even though some of the new additions as standard i would of liked e.g. the 18" rims, but with the options i have on mine (5 door, Frozen white and a spare wheel), it would have cost me about 2 Grand more on the new price listings