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  1. Love his videos they are so informative. Did not realise when i was watching it that it was your clip (even though it sounded very much like your case)
  2. Sorry for your loss 😥, we lost my grandad at the start of January so i sort of know what you are going through.
  3. You would need to declare it with your insurance because its a change that makes it different from the original specification of the car. I have even had to declare wind deflectors on my policy. Also some insurers will want you to declare any optional extras your car has from factory that were not specified as standard for that trim level.
  4. I have Climair ones on my MK8. I got them from the ford website. I really like how they make the car look, and as Stephen says they are very useful at removing the buffeting. Also allows you to have the windows down a bit when it is raining as you do not get any water coming in.
  5. Thanks mate 👍, and I think that shows how easy it is to spread.
  6. I don't like the fact that my younger brother tested Positive for Covid yesterday 😞, so we are now all self isolating. He just has a bit of a cough so hopefully his symptoms do not get any worse.
  7. Just had my 1st jab, the phizer. Bit of a sore arm shall see if i have side effects. Im 21, but live in bolton so managed to get it.
  8. Got my car October 2019. Used sync 3 satnav a couple of times, only really liked the fact that your turning shows up in the screen between the speedo and the rev counter. Never used it again, I always just plug in my phone and use either google maps or waze.
  9. I had a mk7.5 titanium 1.0 100bhp for about a year and half, had no issues, I now have a mk8 1.0 140 st line x and currently have not had any issues (11,500 miles on the clock). The only reason I did not go for an ST was due to insurance as I am 21 and don't live in the best of areas. Id say if you are considering the ST and can afford it then do it. Yes the Zetec s/ st lines are great cars, but I think you would possible regret getting one of them if you have been considering the ST.
  10. Leave as is. I believe the recommend pressures are for cold tyres. someone correct me if I am wrong.
  11. Absolutely madness prices. Also the 155ps mild hybrid is now gone.
  12. I have put them on my 5 door. I heated them up first with a hairdryer before putting them on and they did not snap.
  13. I am actually surprised that it has taken google this long to have a partnership with a manufacturer. This makes sense in terms of infotainment, because I bet there are a lot of people like me, when they get in the car they will plug their phone in and just use android auto / apple car play rather than the cars infotainment. This would also make sense with the case of navigation as well. Will have to see how it all gets integrated.
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