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  1. My lockdown mpg has averaged at 38 mpg, with me doing around 10 miles a week. But last weekend i reset it because i went for a lets say 'Spirited' drive, but still managed to get about 39 mpg.
  2. Just used car wow to spec a fiesta st line x (exactly the same as what i have), i was interested to see what the monthly payments would now be. I got this response from one of the dealers (attached in the image). I wouldn't be surprised if they will be putting the 155 mild hybrid into the fiesta soon.
  3. I had a mk 7.5 titanium, and now have a mk 8 ST Line X. The interior (and technology) is miles better in the MK 8 and even though i have the stline x, i find the ride is smoother than the mk 7.5.
  4. I had a 2006 Peugeot 206, 2015 fiesta titanium, now a 2019 fiesta st line x, with the hopes of Getting a mk8 fiesta st in a few years.
  5. Im 20 and i have an St line x 140. My insuance is jjust over 1 Grand. I previously have a 64 plate 100 bhp fiesta and that was £1800 on insurance!!!
  6. I tend to use google maps or waze rather than the ford nav. I find the traffic avoidance not as good on the ford navigation.
  7. I was looking on CEUK today and found that they are doing vinyl stickers for the mk8 fiesta now. for example these: I have been looking online to see if this would have to be declared as a mod on insurance, and found no proper answer. Has any one ever fitted decals to their car? if so have you declared them to your insurance?
  8. I'm averaging between 42-43 mpg. But managed 47.7 at the weekend in my journey back from Anglesey back to bolton. I was happy with this as i had a lot of weight in the car and was doing 77 on the motorway. I reckon if i had no load i would have got in the 50s.
  9. Mine hasn't worked in a couple of months. Haha
  10. I only used Eco mode for the first 1000 miles, i did not really get an MPG increase. My car now has over 4000 miles on the clock and im averaging about 43 mpg not using Eco mode
  11. I have had this problem with my fiesta. Had the battery checked and was also told that the car was charging the battery fine. I was told that it is also because it is a flood prevention battery, so that any loss in charge and the stop start does't work. I have also been told that when they go under a certain amount of charge then electrical systems start to shut off automatically.
  12. I think i did, i will try it again later just to double check.
  13. Anyone had this problem? The ford pass app used to work great, but then stopped, so i removed my car from it and reinstalled the app. I have added my car back, its connecting but when i press the activate button nothing happens? Anyone got any idead?
  14. I didn't get a reason tbh. Possibly has something to do with the extra safety kit like you say, and maybe because there are less St-line x's on the road than mk 7.5 titanium's. I was just too happy with the saving that I got haha.
  15. Don't get me started on insurance haha, Im 20 years old, it cost me over £1800 a year for insurance on a 64 plate fiesta titanium 100bhp. But now i have a 140 bhp st line x my insurance is £800 cheaper, it really made it a no brainier for me to switch cars, haha.