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  1. Thanks Cal, I'll check all that and report back later. Cheers.
  2. Hi Folks, I have a 55 reg Mondeo Mk3 1.8 petrol Zetec for the last 12 years, 91k on the clock. I have cared for it well - regularly services and she still drives beautifully and looks great. But just recently I noticed the temperature gauge needle fluctuates on long runs (it has previously always remained solidly in the middle once the engine is warm). So what happens now is that it stays in the middle for around 15 minutes then it suddenly jumps up to nearly in the red, then after a few minutes jumps back to around a third before jumping back to the centre again! It doesn't move slowly up and down but "jumps" around! Most bizarre! And happens at all driving speeds. I took it on a two hour motorway run today and it was jumping throughout! Just wondering if anyone had a similar problem, or would have an idea what's happening? I would add that the car drives beautifully when this is happening, and it ticks over fine at standstill. Thanks for reading this. Vivian
  3. Can't help you I'm afraid but will be following with interest as I have always had similar problems with both my current vehicles (Mondeo Mk3 and with my Citroen Berlingo). i always get a lot of condensation on the inside of the windscreens first thing in the mornings when the weather turns colder - it's started last week! Spend about 5 minutes mopping down with a microfibre cloth while the heater blower warms up before I can safely drive off. Is this common with all cars?
  4. Thanks Clive - that's reassuring. It's just that I never saw any other cars producing so much. Perhaps 'cos I have my a/c on extra cold! One thing's for sure - it still works really well for a 14 year old car! 😊 Cheers.
  5. Hi folks, During the summer I noticed that on warm days there was lots of water coming out from under the car. Now I must say that I mostly had the aircon on the very coldest setting and it is very efficient blasting ice cold air into the saloon. Checking the internet I see many comments that dripping from a/c is quite normal but mine was more than just a drip - after just 5 minutes there is a puddle on the road! It was my wife that first noticed it's on the passenger side. I'd never seen it that bad before - so much so that I thought it maybe was coming from the cooling system but no, the water was cold and didn't smell of coolant. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem? Should I get it checked by a specialist aircon garage? My normal garage dismissed it as "normal" but unfortunately (as usual) it wasn't dripping so badly the day I took it in as the weather was cooler! Any comments and suggestions would be much appreciated. Vivian
  6. Hi folks, Just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Vivian (male version!) and I live in south Lincolnshire. My interests are travelling, railways and sometimes helping my wife with her gardening hobby! I am the proud owner of a 55 reg Mondeo Zetec mk3 hatchback which is in excellent condition throughout and, despite it's 90k miles, still drives like a new car! I tend to only do “good” miles in it, long runs a few times every month and holidays (I use a Citroen van for daily local use). The car always averages at least 40mpg. My wife loves the car and finds it very comfortable, often nicer than more modern cars we've often hired when on holiday abroad. So I'm very happy indeed to keep my Mondeo and maintain it well. The only problem I ever had with it was the alloy wheels started flaking quite badly, so I had them professionally refurbished and restored to factory finish which cost around £300 but the car now looks immaculate. I've owned the car for 8 years. I look forward to following interesting Mondeo threads on here.