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  1. Thanks for the update. I am having the same issue.
  2. Mine has just been in the dealers for a few issues and one was Wind turbulence rattle, when I am travelling around the speeds just passenger side on mine. Some clips where missing on the plastic that sit along the bottom of the door's dealers replaced under warranty
  3. Jim. No sure pal Phone your dealers and ask.
  4. Is the manual gearbox 180bjp
  5. The bhp change from 210 -230 on 17 plate edges. I raised an issue with low mpg compared with my first 2 edges which where 210vhp. I was advised low mpg due to maps being 230 now. Obviously all cars where autos
  6. Still not heard from the garage about my new pully they don't seem to care.
  7. Ford dealers have said it is the fans in the seats. I have had the noise 1 on my edge sports. My 1st edge a 17reg titanium no noise. 2nd sport was a 17reg no noise 3rd sport 17reg had the noise My later is a 67reg vignale and you guessed it no noise. Dealers can't give me a answer .
  8. Apparently that recall was done on mine before I bought it but thanks
  9. My local dealer has informed me that there is a recall on the Aircon pully.
  10. Finally got my edge back last week. Running good so far lol
  11. Spoken to a different Ford dealers who have also stated that none are available in the UK or Europe. Thinking this may be now correct as Ford have supplied me a hire vehicle from Enterprise car hire. Apparently a few other Ford vehicles use the same injectors and they are also on back order. So no idea how long I am going to be waiting to get my car back.
  12. Not sure but Ford are now paying for a hire car. Getting a little p***** off to be true
  13. On my last Edge sport it went in to dealers for a clutch at 6500 mlies then back in at 12300 for ages box and clutch forgot to mention it was an automatic. I rejected the Sport and purchased a Edge Vignale done 2000 miles and it has a fault injector, no big issue except no Ford dealers in the UK have one. It is on back order but God knows how long it is going to be as it might be coming from Canada where the cars are manufactured. I forgot to mention it took 6 weeks to get the replacement gear box for my old sport.
  14. I have had a 4 Edges 1 Titanium 2 Sports and now the Vignale. I like a 3 versions I might be a bit bias now but the Vignale is a lot smoother ride. I drive around 800 -1000 miles a week so comfort is rearly a must for me know. All had Led light except my 1st sport which I soon swapped for an identical version but with Led lights. But it is all down to choice pal.