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  1. Haven't tried that yet. Always have them on auto. Could try it and see. Evertime I stop though the passenger one comes back centre. But a while after setting off its then back to pointing down and off to the kerb
  2. Is it possible to simply turn off the adaptive part of the headlights?
  3. Sending it in to my mates garage. See what he can do
  4. Is it possible to still safely close the bonnet and set the alarm if I remove the headlights, lock the car up and bring the head lights indoors to inspect them in warmth comfort and decent light as I dont have the luxury of a garage. I park on the street
  5. Yeah I will pull the headlights out when I get a moment. Cheers 👍
  6. Interesting. Hadn't considered after market option. Thank you 👍 Would these fit?
  7. Interesting. Hadn't considered after market option. Thank you 👍
  8. Hey everyone. New to the forum with a cry for help if I may. I got my 2015 Ford Focus Titanium X on Finance 31st July 2018. In the service history it mentioned that there had been an issue with the adaptive headlights in the past. I didnt think much of this because I had assumed buying from a Ford dealer they would have carried out a multi point inspection and put any issues right. Less than a year after having the car sure enough I began having issues with odd head light behaviour. Then it went away for a bit. And now once again it has happened only this time they have now stopped turning with the steering wheel and passenger one points off to the left and down at the ground. Which is odd because the last time this occoured it was the driver side one doing the same thing only in the opposite direction. Long story short all Ford want to do is charge a diagnostic fee which I dont need. Its obvious what the issue is and personally I think charging £130+ to plug a laptop in and press a couple of keys is a racket. Then ford also say it's out of warranty anyway and I'll need to pay. Done a quick google and it appears this is actually a very common wide spread issue with apparently the only real solution seems to be replacing the very expensive headlight unit which I presume I would need two of. Surely I shouldn't have to pay this? It's a known fault. I have contacted ford uk who just repeat the same thing over and over. It's out of warranty and dealers just want to charge diagnostic fees. I have now contacted BBC'S Watchdog to see if that goes anywhere. I also intend on calling the finance company because I'm now paying for a car that isn't safe and not fit for purpose and will now also fail an MOT. See what they say. I'm sure theres somewhere in the fine print which basically says I'm screwed though which is annoying to say the least as I over exerted myself on the monthly payments of this thing and went to a "trusted" main dealer as I had problems with a previous car so thought going for a newer car it would be safe and reliable. My question is are there any electronic whiz kids here who would have the know how to either pull the relay on it and just set them as normal straight ahead headlights set to the MOT pass position. Also ideally stop the warning flashing up on the dash. Or would someone have the know how to actually fix the issue rather than expensive replacement that in a short while could have the exact same issue again. Thanks in advance and apologies for the long post.