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  1. UPDATE After every single person and company Inc Ford failed, my mate has got the camera working. Granted it doesn't have the lines but that don't mean a thing The total cost of parts was about 92.00 and I gave him a fifty but he gave it back, my point is..... Companies charging 500/600 plus vat are at it. Im so happy, been through so many guys, companies, mobile Sparkies but no help or couldn't do it etc etc. Its finally done and I cannot be happier Thinking about the next project......
  2. Also once bought, do I also need to have software to do the job of enabling the camera to the head unit or is it just use elm to fix issue Cheers again
  3. Thanks guys much appreciated I have ordered one from ebay, is the job I want to do with it easy and straightforward, do you have any idea? Is there a how to guide do you know?
  4. Hi guys Fitted the reversing camera, it obviously doesn't work as yet due to the enabling thing. Has anyone bought a forscan /elm thing off ebay to do diagnostics and if so do they work, would you recommend one. Has anyone used it to enable a reversing camera, how is it done etc, I'm pulling my hair out, what's left of it, going round in circles Cheers in advance
  5. Hi gang Once fitted, I need my focus to be formatted/ uploaded so the after market reverse camera and sync three are as one. Live in Cardiff willing to travel a bit, keep hitting a brick wall with it, all any help appreciated
  6. Im just awaiting the camera, I have the other bits, a friend said he would fit it but I need to do this fourscan, programming formatting thing. This is the sticking block
  7. Going to have an after market reverse camera fitted to my 17 plate st line sync 3. I have been told it needs to be formatted or something with some software.. Anyone in Cardiff or surrounding area that can help or point me in the right direction, I keep coming up short
  8. Right I believe that I have purchased a mark 3 with sync 3 Can someone please advise what I need to buy to get the camera working, I don't have reversing sensors, I think that's about it. I may have somebody who can fit Cheers in advance
  9. Cheers Going to look at Arnold Clarke now, once bought, do you fancy a couple of quid lol, are you nr Cardiff
  10. Hi guys Looking at buying at 17 plate focus 1.5 diesel st line. If it hasn't come with cruise control, heated mirrors and reversing camera, how costly is it, how easy is it. I'm a complete newbie/idiot and would need to pay someone to do it for me. Anyone in Cardiff area?. What's involved. Or is it even possible
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