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  1. @Jonro2009 do you already have any of the parking system in place? I only ask as I’ve just found that keeping the part numbers togtger seem to be key. so my rear only parking module is starts dv4t so I’ve had to get the parking assist module starting with dv4t to make sure it’s compatible (it hasn’t turned up yet so I hope so anyway). My original rear loom starts with dv4t also and I’ve seen ads on eBay for modules with the harness and their part numbers all match. not sure if this helps at all but mines a kuga. They do all seem to share the same units but very mk specific.
  2. @Phil21185 well after having the b in per off last night it would seem that the 2 side sensors are actually a different connector to the rest anyway. So manipulated the plugs and taped it up real well to get it to make a good contact. Now the errors are gone but I’m left with more problems. I have a bad feeling this is due to the compatibility between the bcm and the fl module but I’ll write the symptoms out in case anyone else has seen this. - The rear sensors are all showing but it’s like the side ones (1 and 6) have joined the be with 2 and 4 and it’s still only the 4 showing signal i
  3. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223617768636
  4. hi @Phil21185 thanks I think you might be right. It’s a kuga and they changed 2016/2017. Mine was a pfl but as it as bashed up when bought it’s been converted with fl bumpers and front end already with the sensors. The module I bought is dated 2017 so I think I’m either fitting the additional sensors or changing the module. I’ve already ordered another 4 sensor loom so that I can butcher it for the 2 additional ones. It looks like your loom might have different connectors to mine anyway. I thought I might have been able to just enable sensors instead of auto park for the minute
  5. Thanks @iantt that’s good to know. I can stop thinking there might be a problem now.
  6. I’m wondering if anyone could have a quick check of their front wipers on a kuga. I’ve recently bought a repaired 2016 kuga but the wipers seem weird. They seem to work fine but I can manually move them up and down the windscreen. Activating them seems to put the back into position but I’ve never come across wipers that can just be moved by hand and still function fine. can anyone please just try moving theirs and see if it does the same? thanks.
  7. Hi. One for those who have activated park assist after retro fitting. I now have front sensors cables in and the buttons working (I think) but I’m getting an error with parking assist so none of it works. It’s looking for the back 2 side sensors so 6 sensors although I’ve found I only have a 4 sensor harness. I’ve seen a few with pen assist that only have 4 sensors on the rear and 6 on the front which mine now has. Has any of yours got 6 on the back or just the 4? im not sure if my forscan programming is having an issue as I can’t even set it to only rear now as it still moaning about
  8. Hi all, i'm back. It would seem I've fell down the rabbit hole and i'm just going to get it done. A couple of questions before i order some wiring though. So far I'm: Front Sensors 6 sensors already in the front bumper bumper harness there but nothing into the footwell. DOES THE CONNECTOR FROM THE BUMPER GO ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH TO THE FOOT WELL OR IS THERE ANOTHER JOIN? All cables need running all of the way back to the boot. I'M GUESSING ALL 8 CABLES GO THROUGH INTO THE BUMPER HARNESS? Rear Sensors 6 sensors already in
  9. Hey @Bannko, Any chance you could send me these instruction please. I have a 2016 kuga with sync 2 at version 3.08 but information in the top right instead of navigation. Thanks.
  10. I’m using forscan to get the current codes but it still won’t clear as a standard dts clear and I’ve tried doing a crash reset but it states there’s no crash to reset. I didn’t know I could do this so sent the airbag module away to be reset but it’s back in now. do you know of another operation I need to run in forscan? thanks.
  11. Hi. ive got a 2016 Ford kuga that states engine service now at ignition. The car runs fine but it’s a bit of an annoyance. There are 2 FTC codes still current and stating that 1. ‘fuel cutoff event’ and 2. ‘Fuel pump module b control circuit low’ which I assume is a result of the cutoff event. Crash data has been reset etc and as mentioned the car runs fine. There’s no physical switch on these now as far as I know. does anyone have any idea how to clear this or what to check? thanks.
  12. So I’ve looked behind the glovebox and it looks like I might be more missing than I thought. I’m guessing the connector at the bumper just looked like there was enough to it but that part of the loom looks to not be coming through the bulkhead. Thank you for this thread as I might come back to it but until I find a breaking kuga st line close enough I think I’ll leave it alone for now. It just means I’ll have sensors in the bumper that do nothing for now. Here are the pictures for reference.
  13. found Them all on page 4. I’ll check them out when I get sorted and report back. Cheers.
  14. I’ll probably have a look on Sunday when the rain stops. Do you know which plug the Front sensors feed from in that area or do they just go straight from the engine bay back without a connection?
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