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  1. Hello--I would also seek advice from your local Trading Standards dept. and, if possible, their support in approaching Ford Uk. Trading Standards should know if other owners have taken Ford to task on this specific issue. Good Luck
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if there's a spare permanent live fuse to hard wire the dashcam in? Help would be much appreciated, Thanks, Smithee.
  3. Hi--Use this in mine. It works fine.
  4. Thanks--I'll see if I can find one. I know where to jack it up. it;s the how I;m stuck on.
  5. Can anyone on here clarify where it is safe to jack up a 2019 Ecosport besides the sills please? The car came without any jack whatsoever which was pretty stupid in the first place . Also , if using the sill jacking points, is the jack placed on the seem itself or do you have to fashion a block of some sort to straddle the seam and connect with the sill on either side of it. Thanks for any help, Smithee.
  6. Having used clip-in window channel wind deflectors on several cars , I would now always use the ones which adhere to the outside of the window frame. I found the heko ones blew off the front in strong wind conditions and that they also marked the top of the windows. Climair were as bad at marking in this way as Heko were.
  7. Having now tried my trailer attached , I found that all the lights work as they should. Maybe I 'll give the activation a £70 miss for the moment!
  8. Hello, If it helps anyone on here I've just fitted the Ford towbar electrics to my Ecosport. It took just over half an hour having fitted the towbar last week.The parts required are--Electrics for towbar part no. F2238291 , Moduletrailer/brake part no. F2189359. You'll also need 7 nuts not supplied with the kit. The latter are 2 different sizes which I sourced out of my spares box. Total cost £162 plus vat. Plus the activation which I believe is around £70. Simply disconnect the negative battery terminal, find the 3 already wired plugs under the rear passenger-side seat, fit the plugs to the trailer module and place the module on it's screws next to these plugs( it can only fit one way),fit nuts to screws and replace plastic cover and then put rear seat down over the latter. The trailer socket is mounted to the towbar as usual and is pre-wired. The 2 plugs at the other end from the trailer socket are to be found under the rear passenger side corner of the bumper. They need their protective caps removed and then plug into the wires from the trailer socket. Cable ties are then used to secure the trailer wires safely. The battery can the be reconnected safely and the trailer connection is ready for activation by Ford or others with access to the Etis software. I hope this helps someone.
  9. Hello, Is the wiring loom for the above models the same please?
  10. Hello, Has anyone here fitted the Ford electronic module (under rear passenger seat) and the Ford towbar wiring to an Ecosport? It would be great to hear from anyone who has. I've fitted the towbar and know the electrics need to be " activated" via Etis (£70!) but there generally doesn't seem much useful info on here re technical stuff. Is it anywhere else? Thanks for any help or views, Smithee
  11. Is it worth just checking the wiring connections at the starter motor?
  12. Many thanks to AlexP999, Smithee
  13. Hello, Does anyone know if the Eco-Sport has a stored radio code please? I have to disconnect the battery to install the vehicle specific wiring kit for the towbar. Many thanks in anticipation of any advice, Smithee
  14. Mine averages around 44 MPG unless taken on the occasional longer run when it's over 50. I now wish I'd bought the Seat Arona as the low NCAP rating of the ST-Line, it's stupid rear door, it's lack of even a jack if you get a puncture , the several paint defects on delivery and a very doubtful P.D.I. make me think I've made the wrong choice. You can't even get a workshop manual anymore--unless anyone on here knows any different? Smithee