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  1. And when you're doing this, check the muffler too.
  2. Just in case google brings you here. The dealer claims this is perfectly fine corrosion and nothing to worry about. ...
  3. Hi there, I had exactly same question. No BLISS for me.
  4. I've been quite busy recently and have not had a chance to talk to the dealer. It is on my to-do list. Stay tuned.
  5. I am visiting in-laws this weekend and this is an exception. We have underground parking at our house and a tarmac park lot at work. Honestly, I can't think of better conditions for the car. I treat it nicely because it is my first "really mine" car. Others were leased company vehicles. Nevertheless, your comment on parking on the grass is a valid point. PS: it would be great if you could share pics of your vehicle tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's in better shape.
  6. I live few kilometers north of Munich, Germany. The Germans salt roads but this winter was extremely mild. The car have not seen much salt yet. I know that comparing Ford against more premium brands is unfair. On the other hand the cost of Škoda or Toyota Auris is in the same price range.
  7. I still think that this is more on the extreme side. For this reason, I wanted to know someone else's opinion.
  8. Unfortunately this is not the case. It is a custom config. I got the car brand new within a week after the production. I will forward pictures to the dealership. I am wondering what they say.
  9. Hello everyone, last week, I discovered that the muffler and pipes in my Focus MK4 are heavily corroded. This is a 6-months old car and the odometer reports only 10 thousand kilometers. I crosschecked with my previous BMW 420d, my friend's Toyota Auris, and another friend's Skoda Superb. Their mufflers are in way better condition than mine although their cars are 3 years old. Could anyone share his/her thoughts? I am happy with my Focus but this ruined my day. Regards, Jiri
  10. In case of google search bringing you here: When my GF bought her Fiesta I asked the dealer if they could eventually add the blind spot detection. They checked with Ford and told me it is not officially possible. Even if I had all cables and sensors there they won't get the right software package from Ford. They told me they need to put the VIN in the system and it enables the options based on the configuration. For sure there's a way to do it but this is a legal issue. Note that this is just a single opinion from one dealership in Germany. This information may be incorrect or I misinterpreted it.
  11. The adaptive cruise control. A bless for fraffic jams. (with AT)
  12. Haha, some fun stuff here. Honestly, I had never had a car with so many options before. This time I had a unique chance to top my configuration and it drives me mad that I missed the BLISS feature. Additionally, people telling me that this is the most useful assistant are not helping me claiming down. 😀
  13. Thanks a lot, Dave, as a matter of fact, my GF had been pushing for her first car a lot and today we found a nice Fiesta Titanium at a Ford dealership. We go to sign the contract on Monday and they also promised they check my car for the BLIS. My car is a quite high configuration (B&O, camera, park pilot + assistance, etc.). For this reason, there is a big chance that all wiring harness may be already present. On the other hand, the automotive industry saves every cent and they may not bother to add anything extra unless needed. I'll report back when I know more.