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  1. Can someone please help me sync my upgrade powerfold mirrors on a 2106 fiesta using FORscan and ELM 327.
  2. F100


    I’ve asked about forscan and what to do to activate the power mirrors on my fiesta. I’ve put them on and the switch checked for the correct fusebox and 2 relays 10 wires in the harness and mirrors bought an elm 327 and advance licence so just need help getting through the process I don’t want to press the wrong thing.thanks
  3. F100


    Somebody must be able to help me.
  4. I’ve put powerfold mirrors on my fiesta, right fusebox 2 relays 10 wires but no mirrors in cars display. Got forscan with licence and connected to the car but don’t want to change the wrong thing. I could do with a walk through hint hint.
  5. Ok so I’ve got the ELM registered with for scan and that’s about as far as I got,it lost me after that.lol is there a layman’s way of getting on?
  6. No they were up when I swapped the mirrors, then when everything was back together and I went to check everything the windows only went down 3/4 of the way.
  7. Just the front are electric. I’ve put the old switch back on and it’s just the same. I may take the panels back off and just connect the mirror to see if they work then. All very strange.
  8. Hey thanks for the reply, yes ive fitted the switch too and have an elm327 on the way. Is it pretty straight forward to do? Also my windows only go dow 3/4 of the way since fitting mirrors, what’s that about? Rod
  9. I have a 2016 fiesta I’ve fitted powerfold mirrors to. I have the fuse box with both relays in wiring with 10 wires to the 10 in the mirrors still indicates and moves glass but they won’t fold. The display doesn’t have the powerfold mirror line on it under chimes. Is this what’s stopping me and how do I sort it. Thanks
  10. I’m more into older Fords having a 1956 Ford F100 and a 1968 Ford Mustang, however the wife has a 2016 Fiesta. And the Fiestas why I’m on here, I’ve fitted powerfold mirrors on it it has the correct fuse box with both relays and 10 wires in the feed harness. All works fine bar foldind I’ve been told I need to code them in on the screen but they’re not on it. (Vehicle settings then should be under chimes but not.also since I’ve put the mirrors on the widows only go three quarters of the way down?? What’s my Next course of action. Thanks
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