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  1. Hello, I was wondering about the reverse light as i wanted to know where i can find the wires to this inside the car so that i can use them for something. When i say inside the car i mean in the boot still but which ones are they and i need the earth and power. BUMPER INFO: Can i take my bumper off and put it back on 100% ok and not see any of the paintwork out? or do i have to be carful about this? Many Thanks Eigdoog :D
  2. Thanks again ill give it a go saturday!
  3. Thanks for your time! yeah my holes for the pins seem to look the same so ill have to take a trip to halfords for them, do you know if i can pull my carpet back for the wire and it will go back the same to look normal? Thanks for your input Eigdoog
  4. huh, guess no one knows...
  5. Hello, before i start i did all this with my old focus < w plate (2000) cd 6000 > and got mad in doing so as i never asked for help :D so thank you for your time before you start I have just got myself a focus on a 56 plate that has a sony cd player ( http://ces.cnet.com/i/bto/20080107/ford-sony_270x193.JPG ) not a cd changer one i dont think. (not my pic) I would like to know how to get this player out (buying pins?) so that i can plug my sub into the back, i dont think it will have aux output for a sub so if anyone also has the wiring loom i would be very happy too. Also can someone tell me the best way to get though the firewall for my power lead and where to hide all my leads down the car. can i just pop everything off and pull the carpet and it will go back the same? If you would like i will take pics and upload them for you all to see what i mean. Many Thanks Eigdoog P.S. Ask me for anything you need and ill try an help.