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  1. ford fiesta led angel eyes

    what do you mean ?
  2. ford fiesta led angel eyes

    here is the link to the video of my lights, ive also made another one when it is darker will post link later on tonite.
  3. ford fiesta led angel eyes

    those lights in the picture cost me about £100 i think it was but a second hand pair went on ebay last night for £62, mines totaly diffrent to that now im in the middle of uploading the video on you tube so i can post the link but its taking soooooo long :@, i was gona upload pics but the leds are that bright they just cause a blur so the video shows them better should be on in the next 10 - 20 mins
  4. ford fiesta led angel eyes

    hi there, i recently took a project up last year when i bought my sonar projector angel eye headlights, i was basically wanting to stand out a little more as there was alot of people running about with them, so i fitted l.e.d angel eyes which are extremly bright, as soon as i had them on my car the amount of heads i was turning was unbelivable, the amount of people who pulled up to me at the traffic lghts asking where i got them from and how much i payed etc ....... i have just recently fitted led indicators abit like the r8 style running up the side of the light and also just fitted xenon lights, not the xenon conversion kit (which are not actual xenons ) but the full xenon kit of a 350z, my cousin has a 350z and cracked his plastic covers so he bought another set and i bought the broken ones of him, i took them to pieces and took the full xenon kits out of them and the projector lenses which look awesome at night, im basically making this post to ask anyone if they would like these led angel eyes fitted ? they must be angel eye headlights so i can replace the old angel eyes with the leds, just now i am only doing fiestas, if you would like this done just send me a email including the make of your headlights and a picture if possible and i will also quote you a price, i live in edinburgh so if you are local your can drop the lights off if not would have to be sent to me which cost about £6-£7 and then picked up which would be the same again, i am currently only doing the angel eyes at the moment the indictors i will do eventualy but not the xenons as i had to cut and alter my whole light. as soon as i recieve your lights you will get a email to confirm this and as soon as there finished you will get a email to, please allow up to 5 for your light to be finished as i currently have 4 i am working, any more questions please ask and i will put some pictures up today to show you my work. these are the lights i had before moding